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spinacasSingapore, January , 2016 – Set up in June 2014, Singapore-based Spinacas has been bulking up its salads and sales since. Completely self-funded and bootstrapped by its founders Phyllis Chua and Ng Wei Lieh, they tossed Spinacas into the black in September 2015 and been growing it steadily since. There are now plans to expand the humble salad delivery service by renting larger premises with a bigger kitchen to cope with the increase in demand.

The Story Behind Spinacas, Hearty Salads Delivered

What started out as a 2-month sabbatical in Spain spun into a healthy salad delivery concept for former architect Phyllis Chua. Inspired by her trip to Europe where she discovered healthy good food as a way of life and was exposed to a variety of fresh whole produce and readily available meats used in the salads, she attempted to recreate the meal experiences back in Singapore but without success.


“Salads that were nutritious and hearty just didn’t exist. Most of them were too protein-light and carb-heavy, and I would always be hungry by 3pm,’ she remarked. It was then that the health and fitness fanatic begin creating her own salads, always adding more meat cooked in flavour-packed mixes. She packed some for friends to try and before she knew it, she was making deliveries around town on her red Vespa scooter, and Spinacas, Hearty Salads Delivered, was born.


For single salads or below $30 minimum orders, as well as non delivery locations, customers can drop by the centrally located commercial kitchen just outside the CBD at Pearl’s Hill Terrace to do a self pick up. Alternatively, Spinacas also recently signed on with Deliveroo (a food delivery service) as a further option.


Payment can be made securely online by PayPal (without signing up for an account) or by Credit Card (via BrainTree)

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