Review: Birthday Party Bash

image A couple of weeks ago, I received an invitation from 2K Games to write an review for an Nintendo Wii game – Birthday Party Bash. 

As the theme suggested, the packaging of the game looks exactly like a brown colour gift box with a “Birthday Card” attached on top. When unbox, I surprise that the box is packed with items like balloons, whistle and a mask. An interesting product that compliment birthday parties. 

IMG_7904 IMG_7905

All the games are pretty interactive and quite easy to pick up (except for “Bug Catching”. I always come in last!). More importantly, it supports multiple players (to a maximum of 12). It could be the best way to contain all the kids in front of TV so that they won’t run about in the house. A perfect birthday solution for parents who wants to have birthday party for the kids.

There are more than 20 mini games in the package such as Laser Gremin and pinned the donkey’s tail just to highlight a few. All the mini-games are fun but we completed all the games in about an hour which I think is “just nice” before it gets bored. Of course, the more people, the merrier. The game is being rated “E” (Everybody) in ESRB.

The game is retailed at $39.90.



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