Review of Sudio Elva – Reconceptualizing Neckband headphones

These days when every audio system manufacturer is making true wireless system (TWS), it is increasingly difficult to find neckband wireless headphones in the market. Frankly, I am little surprised by Sudio’s move to launch a neckband headphone – Sudio Elva.

Sudio Elva is the latest neckband headsets from Sudio

The last time we saw a neckband from them was Sudio Tre 3 years ago. My first impression when I first hold on to the Sudio Elva – it just looks like any ordinary neckband headset. Disappointed as first but, I still went ahead to test the product (you know. part of my job). As I am exploring the control buttons on the product, something shocked me – Where is the USB charging port?! For that split seconds, I wonder how am I supposed to charge this if I do not have one?

Detachable control panel that cleverly conceals the charging port.

The curiosity dies off quickly when I realize a suspicious line on the left-side control panel. True enough, that is detachable and when you do so, Tada…you have your USB Type C charging port!  

Inside the box, you get the standard USB Type C charging cable and 5 different earbuds (standard Sudio product package). To cater for Elva’s unconventional way of charging, you are also getting a USB 2.0 (male)- to – USB Type C (female) adaptor. One more thing, you are getting an in-flight Bluetooth adaptor – Sudio Flyg.

Unboxed of Sudio Elva


These days, auto pairing is like a standard feature for Bluetooth headset. No surprise, this feature is included in Sudio Elva. Sudio Elva immediately goes into pairing mode when you first turn it on. All you need to do is to have your smartphone near the device and there you go; your Elva is successfully paired to your smartphone.

You know these days; we own multiple devices such as iPad and laptop. Often, you need to manually turn on the pairing mode of your headset again for your 2nd device. One smart thing about auto-pairing feature is that it will turn on the pairing mode of the Elva when it could not find/connect to its first paired device. All you need to do next is to switch on the Bluetooth of your iPad and bring it near to your Elva. (Tips: To do so, switch off Bluetooth of your 1st device (I presume your smartphone) first and your Elva will go into pairing mode automatically)

Sound Quality – ANC On or Off?

ANC is off by default. In this mode, you get clear vocal and reasonable bass. However, I always find the sound at this mode lacks refinedness; some “life” is missing.

When the ANC is turned on, the sound volume heightened. In this mode, the clarity remains but you get richer bass. Overall, sound just gets better with the surrounding noise being blocked off.

Other Perks?

As expected, Sudio Elva is armed with IP rating of IPX5 and long battery life of up to 11 hours. It is good enough to meet your daily usages. (Come on. You could even bring the Elva out for a marathon during a rainy day! It will come out unscathed)  

Another surprise in the package –Sudio Flyg, flight Bluetooth adaptor. In this era, you will be surprised that there are devices that do not come with Bluetooth connectivity. For instance, some TV does not have Bluetooth connectivity. Connecting TV with this, you could enjoy your movie with your Bluetooth headphones.

Sudio Flyg


In relative to similar products in the market, Sudio Elva meets my expectation. At SGD 199, its audio quality is up-to-mark and suits most people’s likings. On top of that, you are also getting a water-resistance Bluetooth headset and a flight adaptor. At this price, I really could not find any reason to complain.

The Sudio Elva will be launched on the Sudio official website from 14 September onwards. As part of the online store promotion, you can checkout with promocode “wireless15” to enjoy 15% discount. Note: this discount code is active on all other Sudio products if you shop through their official website.  

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