Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

A black comedy movie based on the book “The Wolf of Wall Street” written by Jordon Belfort. The story is about a young Jordon Belfort who runs a stock brokage firm Stratton Oakmont, that engages in securities fraud and corruption in Wall Street during the 90s.

I can summarize the movie in 2 words “greed” & “sex”. These are what Jordon Belfort views as the key elements towards success. He made a fortune by hard-selling of penny stocks which companies that are too small (or perhaps, companies might not even exist) to be listed in the regulated stock exchange. Obviously, such practice is illegal and the FBI starts to investigate you and his friends.

I have yet to read the book but according to other sources, the plot follows the book closely and the story fairly accounts the true events of Jordon Belfort. It is interesting to see the ups and downs that he has undergone. His desire of success is also the attribute to his failures.

It is an entertaining movie. There are some financial jargon but it will not hinder those audience without financial knowledge on understanding the movies.  I will give a 3.5 stars out of 5.

Note: This is a R21 movie and it opens on 9 Jan at all Golden Village cinema.

Jordon Belfort camoes towards the end of movie. Check him up


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