Samsung Launches New Galaxy Tab S2 and Galaxy Tab A

Samsung today announced the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) and Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) in Singapore – the latest devices in Samsung’s tablet line.

Key Product Highlights:

Galaxy Tab S2 (2016)

Galaxy Tab S2 (Black)
Galaxy Tab S2 (Black)
  • Equipped with a stunning SUPER AMOLED display, the Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) delivers the most immersive and best-in-class viewing experience for users. With richer colours and deeper contrast, the tablet showcases more precise details, and is perfectly optimised for reading and viewing any type of digital content. Users can use the Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) and relax with their favourite activities – reading e-books, watching movies or playing games.


  • The slimmest and lightest tablet in Samsung’s tablet line, the Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) is the perfect personal companion for users to enjoy quality Me Time anytime, anywhere. Equipped with 4G+ LTE Category 6 capability, users can enjoy up to two times faster web browsing and content download speed on the tablet, on top of maximum portability.


  • The Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) is packed with powerful performance features, offering enhanced usability, whether for productivity or multitasking. With Quick Connect1, users can conveniently share content between the tablet and other devices. They can also control and share their screens between the Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) and their Galaxy mobile devices with Samsung SideSync 4.02, and perform functions such as making calls and sending text messages. Users can easily unlock their Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) with a single touch on the fingerprint scanner, and multitask on the tablet with its Multi Window


Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) 

Galaxy Tab A (white)
Galaxy Tab A (white)
  • Modern and sophisticated in style, the Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) comes equipped with a clear and crisp WUXGA display and Anti Glare feature, providing users with an enhanced viewing experience at any time. The tablet is also designed to give users a comfortable grip, where its soft and textured design fits perfectly in users’ hands.


  • The Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) is family-friendly, and is the ideal tablet that will enhance users’ family time. With Kids Mode 4.0, users can access a variety of safe and fun content such as games and apps for their children to enjoy. They can also capture their family’s precious moments with the tablet’s 8MP camera. The Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”)’s Multi-User Mode3 also allows users to easily set up and customise profiles for every member of the family.


  • With enhanced features such as SideSync 4.02 and Quick Connect1, the Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) allows users to enjoy Seamless Connectivity with a wide variety of devices, on top of powerful usability. The Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) is also equipped with long lasting battery to keep users powered with up to 13 hours4 of Internet usage on the tablet, be it surfing the net or watching movies on-the-go.


The Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) and the Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) will come with 4G+ and Wi-Fi® options. The Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) will be available in Black, White or Gold, and will come in 32GB5 with two screen size options – 8.0” and 9.7”. It will retail at the following recommended retail prices from 9 July 2016 (Saturday):


  • Galaxy Tab S2 (8.0”) 4G+: $598
  • Galaxy Tab S2 (8.0”) Wi-Fi®: $498
  • Galaxy Tab S2 (9.7”) 4G+: $698
  • Galaxy Tab S2 (9.7”) Wi-Fi®: $598


The Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) will be available in Black or White and in 16GB5. The Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) 4G is currently available at the recommended retail price of $498, while the Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) Wi-Fi® will be available from 9 July 2016 at the recommended retail price of $398.

See the specs below

[pdf-embedder url=””-Product-Specifications.pdf”]


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