Scoot’s “Longest Virtual Flight” is taking off tonight

Scoot’s “Longest Virtual Flight” is taking off tonight! Tune in on Twitter and Instagram for live updates of hashtag #scootvirtualflight, as well as Scoot’s official Facebook page:


In conjunction, Scoot is screening movie or two, and showcasing some other in-flight entertainment and refreshments at Golden Village (GV) City Square Mall event tonight. The first movie to be screened will be Pitch Perfect, around 9pm, while 200 contestants who chose to be at the event will tap away simultaneous for the grand prize of $50,000 (cash and travel vouchers).

Scoot 1st Anniversary – World’s Longest Virtual Flight
Venue: City Square Mall (Golden Village Cinema)
Holding Area: Outside Box Office Level
Time: 9pm (4th Jun) to 1pm (5th Jun)

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