Singapura: The Musical Explores Singapore’s History From 1955 to 1965

Singapura: The Musical takes audiences on a journey of love, hope and new beginnings while exploring the strength of the human spirit during the formative years of Singapore’s history from 1955 to 1965.
The USD2.0million production took 3 years to make its debut at Capitol Theatre. Ed Gatchalian, the Musical Director from the 4th Wall Theatre Company Pte Ltd, spent 18 months around the world to capture and find the voices of Singaporeans.


He added, “Good musicals leverage on a nation’s history and serves as an exciting backdrop to the personal stories of the characters portrayed. There was Argentina’s intriguing politics in Evita, Vietnam’s useless war in Miss Saigon and France’s passionate revolution in Les Miserables. It is my sincere belief that Singapura will do the same for Singapore.”

Gatchalian has made more than 40 compositions, however only about 20 will be featured in this musical. During the musical preview, the press also had the chance to hear five of the compositions – Another Day in Singapore, Consequences, Where My Heart is, Be With Me and Tomorrow Begins Today.

I love how the music is composed. The great usage of dissonance, diminished seventh chords in Consequences to create suspension. Sometimes it gets Funky, in Tomorrow Begins Today, to hype up the mood. It is definitely a great composition.

The cast comprises of 35 Filipinos, 11 Singaporeans, an American and a Canadian. You may be wondering why are there so many “outsiders” being casted.  Gatchalian however says that, many of them were won over after hearing the music and learning the story.

I was actually hoping for more Singaporeans to be part of this production, however, I feel that since we have come a long way to become who we are today, it’s time for others to hear our story.

Can’t wait to indulge in this wonderful musical production. Singapura: The Musical premieres on 19 May 2015 and will run for 6 weeks, tickets sales are open now.

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