Singtel & Ericsson Partner to Explore Future of 5G

  • Partnership to evaluate and test 5G technologies for future standardization
  • Areas of interest include cloud core, radio technologies and Machine type communications
  • Joint planning and exploration of 5G technology and architecture

Singapore, 27 Jan 2015: Singtel and Ericsson have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore the future of 5G networks and to address a wide range of use cases from consumers to industries. The companies will also study how 5G technology can support Singapore’s vision of being a “Smart Nation”. The partnership will include workshops to align 5G requirements, exchange ideas and trails on potential technologies.


Singtel, as a member of the Next Generation Mobile Network (NGMN) Alliance, is championing the finalisation of the NGMN 5G white paper at the NGMN Forum that is currently being held in Singapore.


The 5G White Paper serves as a backbone for the mobile communications industry worldwide as it develops 5G technology. The paper sets the guidance of possible uses for 5G as well as performance requirements, network architecture, technology, spectrum and intellectual property rights. It will be presented at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona in March 2015


NGMN CEO Mr Peter Meissner’s idea on 5G technology


NGMN CEO Mr Peter Meissner said, “The finalisation of this white paper is an important milestone in our journey towards 5G and brings us closer to establishing targets for the successful long-term future of our industry. We wish Singtel and Ericsson the best for their partnership and look forward to seeing the potential 5G capabilities and solutions that result from it.”


Mr Tay Soo Meng Shares Singtel’s vision of 5G and “Smart Nation”

Mr Tay Soo Meng, Group Technology Officer, Singtel, says “We see 5G as a potential technology that will support very advanced communication needs in the future. We will endeavour to explore, study and possibly trial the 5G technologies to ensure Singtel continues its technology leadership in the mobile communications domain.”


Mr Sam Saba answering question from the media

Mr Sam Saba, Region Head of Ericsson South East Asia & Oceania, says “5G will enable the full potential of Ericsson’s vision of the Network Society, where everything that can be connected will be connected. This partnership with Singtel will enable us to further explore the opportunities that will arise with 5G, utilizing our market-leading technologies to develop our solutions and empower people, business and society in Singapore.


With the expected 5G adoption to begin around 2020, Ericsson is focusing on how the industry will adopt the 5G standard globally to deliver the capabilities and services beyond the mainstream 4G offerings.


Both companies are to form a team to study potential 5G candidate technologies which can be applicable to Singapore. The agreement allows flexibility for Ericsson and Singtel to explore a wide range of areas including, but not limited to, technologies to support for Massive Machine Type Communications (MTC) and evolution to a cloud-based Network.







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