Sony Showcases Innovative #Wearable Technology Products at #Sports&FitnessAsia2015

(SINGAPORE, June 2015) – Embracing the new era of wearable technology, Sony is proud to be a key exhibitor for Sports & Fitness Asia 2015, a premium sports, fitness and lifestyle exhibition and conference catered to the Southeast Asia market. As one of the main exhibitors, Sony will be launching the Smart B-Trainer™, an all-in-one personal training device, and showcasing its suite of wearable technology products at the conference. (Check my previous post here)

Being a massive global industry, wearable technology is entering its new wave of popularity thanks to a growing interest in self-knowledge through self-tracking, also known as the “Quantified Self” movement – a term coined by Gary Wolf, founder of the Quantified Self. Riding on this trend, Sony’s innovations are set to up the game for sports data analytics, where users are able to gather insights about their own sports performance.

“Wearable technology in the sports industry is in high demand right now. It is no longer just a novelty gadget, but it is becoming an essential training tool for the individual by the individual,” said Spencer Low, Assistant General Manager, Deputy Head, Home Entertainment & Sound Marketing Division, Sony Electronics Southeast Asia. “Sony is committed to developing products that cater to the needs of our customers. With the new Smart B-Trainer™, we want to take a step further to raise the level of intimacy between our customers and our products.”

Mr. Spencer Low also added that Sports & Fitness Asia 2015 is a good platform for Sony to showcase their unique wearable products. “We look forward to customers trying out our wide range of wearable technology products at our exhibition booth.”


Photo credits: Derrick See


Check up the below videos on Sony wearable technology products:

Smart Tennis Sensor

4K FDR-X1000V Action Cam

Smart B-Trainer


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