The Who, What, Where and Whys of Souvenir Buying – a #HolidayInn Survey for July 2015

Following up from the previous survey conducted last year, the second set of findings from the Holiday Inn® Souvenir Study shows 70 per cent of respondents feel that souvenirs are an important part of the holiday experience, and only 20 per cent of travellers return home empty handed.  

The Value of Souvenirs_1 The Value of Souvenirs_2 The Value of Souvenirs_3


Some interesting highlights of the survey:

  • ​70% of travellers see buying souvenirs as an important part of their holiday
  • The younger travellers are, the more importance they place on souvenirs. 76% of 25 year olds and below think souvenirs are important, compared to 68% who are above 65.
  • 4 in 5 travellers from South East Asia are more than happy to accommodate souvenir requests from friends and family.
  • The least preferred souvenirs are novelty items, decorative trinklets and educational items. Most people prefer local keepsakes, handmade art and food.

To read the full article, link

The infographic on value of souvenir link



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