Startup Incubator – Apple Seed Launches 8 Startups in Singapore

Singapore, 10 July 2015 – Apple Seed, a leading venture accelerator in Singapore, today announced in its first ever launch event of eight of its start-ups. Supported by SPRING Singapore’s Incubator Development Programme since 2014, Apple Seed is currently incubating 16 start-ups at JTC Launchpad @ One-North.


Apple Seed will be introducing eight exciting startups at this event: Trakomatic, Fashory, Overdrive, Viswire, Petfie, Buy4you, Near Circles and Flaime.

Startup Profile 

Trakomatic is a breed shopper analytic solution that tracks foot traffic in a mall or supermarket using high density cameras. The business has seen over a quarter million sales from Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and China.

Viswire is a specialist in the development of visualization and simulation applications that focuses on real-time simulation solutions for training, engineering and research. Viswire is expanding into the bourgeoning maritime training business in Asia.

Fashory is a mobile application that provides a seamless online shopping experience to consumers. Fashory assists its brand partners by providing better insights about their target audience.

Petfie is a social networking platform that unifies disparate networks of animal lovers, pet owners, pet businesses and animal welfare organisations onto a single platform. Petfie uses geo-location tagging for users to build and curate animal profiles for their pets.

Overdrive features a mobile application for the transport and automotive industry. The business uses a smart plug-and-play device which connects to the On-Board Diagnostic (OBDII) port of any vehicle. Overdrive seeks to raise a seed funding of US$500,000.

Buy4You provides a concierge service for Sino-ASEAN trade and e-commerce in order to reduce the risk of buying low quality defective products. Buy4You helps online shoppers to buy, repack, consolidate and thereafter provides logistics and international shipping

Nearcircles is a messaging application that allows people living in the same neighbourhood to engage in community-related discussions. Users can leverage the application to pose questions, sell household stuff to neighbours and connect with like-minded individuals by joining the lifestyle groups in their local community areas.

Flaime is a new, unique & exciting matrimony application for Indian singles. The application was launched in six Indian cities in October 2014 and received popular support. The application, user interface and functionality was tested with 1,400 users and is moving towards a full fledge solution.

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