Super small tablet PC from lenovo


I first got to know this news from VR-Zone (read post here) I am not sure this netbook is going to be released by Lenovo (stock quote – HKSE: 0992.HK)but there are a lot of speculations in the web!  Currently, there is no information about its specification but I guess Lenovo has purposely leaked out the photo of this product – Lenovo Pocket Yoga.


Let’s don’t talk about the colour. I believe more options will be available for the consumers. It looks pretty cool when the netbook is converted to a tablet.

The picture on the left reminds me of another product that I have reviewed before – Sony (stock quote – NYSE: SNE) Vaio P (For those who haven’t read my review, you may read it up at NOTEBOOK THAT FITS NICELY IN YOUR POCKET





If you guys have more information about this product, feel free to comment and update my readers.


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