Celestial Movie Debuts 2 Special Events in September

Celestial Movies will debut 2 special events – world TV premier of Korean Pop Star Rain’s latest concert, Rain: The Best Show; and the first and exclusive broadcast of big-budget Korean action Drama HERO


Rain: The Best Show – Singapore Special

Celestial Movies will be giving out 15 sets of Rain: The Best Show photobook that are exclusively produced for Singapore only. The photobook will feature never-seen-before Rain: The Best Show photographs. Fans of the Rain will have to write in justify why they are Rain’s biggest fans in 50-100words. Entries with full contact details can be submitted to pr@celestialtiger.com by 20th September 2012.



Released by OCN, the ten-episode Korean action drama series is set in a frictional future where South Korea has gone bankrupted and its cities are crime-ridden and corrupt. HERO centers on a bad boy by the name of Heuk Chul starred by Yang Dong Geun who is the son of the city mayor. When Heuk Chul gets caught in the middle of a police sting. he ends up taking a bullet fired at the beautiful detective Ih-Ohn starred by Han Chae Ah. The serious injury causes Heuk Chul to fall into a coma and the only way to save him is to inject him with a untested nanotechnology…..