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Bare Your Sole 2014



Volunteers Spread Christmas Cheer with “Cups of Love”

Singapore, 21 December 2011 – Forty kids from Child at Street 11 moo-ed carols
along with Santa Cow and other volunteers  yesterday during an early Christmas
celebration hosted by Ben & Jerry’s at The Cathay scoop shop. Organised by the
hardworking elves of the Temasek Polytechnic Community Service Club and
supported by Ben & Jerry’s, this event is part of the Club’s “Cups of Love”
programme, aimed at bringing joy to less privileged children, while  promoting the
spirit of caring and volunteerism in Temasek Polytechnic’s student body with some
cups of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

In November, student leaders in the Community Service Club sold 2,040 cups of
Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on campus to raise funds for the Cups of Love programme.
These funds will be used to stage fun-tastic events for economically and socially
disadvantaged children in homes and centres across Singapore, starting with Child
at Street 11, a provider of high quality early years education to children, many of
whom come from disadvantaged families. As an added incentive for the students to
participate, Ben & Jerry’s will donate a cup of ice cream for each cup sold, to be
distributed amongst the children at these events.

“Organisations like Child at Street 11 play an important role in the lives of
disadvantaged young children and their families. Our committee felt that it was only
natural that we pitched in to help and do something nice for them this Christmas,”
said Keith Lim, President of the Temasek Polytechnic Community Service Club,
“Through Ben & Jerry’s generous support, the Community Service Club has been
able to expand and deepen our Cups of Love programme.”

At  yesterday’s Cups of Love event, the children were treated to a fun-filled
afternoon of games and interactive activities, led by student volunteers and Child at
Street 11 caregivers.  Many Ben & Jerry’s moo-niacs also  helped put smiles on 2
faces by donating gifts for the children after a call for support on the Ben & Jerry’s
Facebook page. And of course, there was loads of ice cream for everybody!
In the coming months, the remaining quantity of ice cream cups will be distributed
at events and visits scheduled with various homes, care centres and organisations
identified by the Community Service Club.

“When we were approached  with the Cups of Love programme, we knew it was
something we had to support. Ben & Jerry’s places great importance of on social
activism and doing good, but we also believe it is important to encourage and be
supportive of those who are looking to do good in their own communities,” said
Kenneth Lau, Brand Champion at Ben & Jerry’s Singapore, “Through our platform
of Fairness, we are working to empower Singaporeans to take ownership of social,
economic and environmental issues, and support them in their mission to create a
better, fairer community for all Singaporeans.”