CJ Internet will launch open beta for Mini Fighter in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines

– ‘Mini Fighter’ launches on December 17th 2009

– The commercial service will commence by January 2010

CJ Internet, the leading global entertainment company headquartered in Korea, announced today that it will launch the open beta for online action game Mini Fighter on December 17th 2009. The English language version for Mini Fighter will target gamers globally from the United States, Europe as well as the English language players in South East Asian region countries like Singapore, Malaysia and The Philippines. Furthermore, the game is targeted to launch commercially by January 2010.

“We have paid careful attention to ensure Mini Fighter is as fun as possible by creating a variety of game modes, unique and comic characters to allow the game to be constantly engaging for players of all ages. We have also made sure that there were plenty of never-before-seen zones to enjoy within the game, and we are confident the game will have wide appeal to anyone who enjoys multi-player online action games,” said Youngjong Jung, President and CEO of CJ Internet.

Combining a simple user interface with colorful, 2D graphics and action-packed gameplay, Mini Fighter features hand-drawn characters and animations. Gameplay in Mini Fighter is optimized for a keyboard. Besides the battle modes and dungeons, there are a number of community-based activities. Being able to chat with other players via keyboard is an essential part of enjoying Mini Fighter to the fullest.

“We wanted to consider users with low PC specifications as we intended to attract and encourage beginner-level users. Many new players find it hard to play 3D games. Mini Fighter offers a look that‘s reminiscent of arcade-style games from back in the day. Users who have enjoyed action-fighting games can certainly recall the thrill of hitting control pads to create special fighting skills for their selected characters. We wanted to bring that sense back to life in an online form,” said Richard Moon, lead producer for Mini Fighter.

Mini Fighter’ is a massive action casual game that allows up online battles for up to 210 players to play together in the village zone. Castle Siege, a mode where up to 200 players can battle simultaneously, and the Boss Zone, an area where up to 100 users can go up against powerful boss monsters. In addition, users can enter the Coliseum to engage in a free-for-all battle with no limitations on the number of participants. Whichever one of the two teams that reaches 100 KO first will win. These features will be added in stages to the Mini Fighter global service.

Players can also take a break from the fighting with a variety of mini-games, including the brain-busting Quiz Zone and the reflex-testing Fishing Zone.

To view the story and gameplay trailers for Mini Fighter, head to: http://global.netmarble.com/minifighter/Download/videos.asp


Minimum specs needed to run the game:

·      OS: Windows XP

·      CPU: Pentium 4 1.5GHz or higher

·      Video: 16-bit Graphics Card

·      Memory: 256MB or higher

·      DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

About CJ Internet

Located in Seoul, Republic of Korea, CJ Internet is a global entertainment company dedicated to enriching people’s lives through fun, social, massively online gaming. The company currently provides over 200 titles to more than 20 million registered players through Netmarble ( www.netmarble.net), the highly-popular Korean gaming portal they launched in 2001. CJ Internet has published a number of high-profile online titles since its establishment in 2000, including Sudden Attack, Korea’s number one online FPS, baseball game MaguMagu, MMORPG PRIUS and stylish action MMORPG Ys Online.