Pak Harun – The fisherman who locates his catch by “listening” to the fishes.

Source: apparat production – Harun is “listening” for the fishes

“Fish listening” – A dying art in Malaysia. Pak Harun and his son probably are the last “fish listeners” in this planet who still practise this techique. Technology advancement in the fishing industries and depleting fish stock are the 2 main factors contributing to the decline of this fishing technique.

Apparat production has produced a 47 min documentary video titled “Fish Listeners of Setiu Lagoon”. Through the main character, fish listener Pak Harun, this documentary examines the symbiotic relationship between the local fishing communities and their environment, a unique coastal wetlands, which is under threat from rapid development in the area. The documentary is funded under the National Film Development Board’s (FINAS) Ke Persada Dunia program.