Movie Review: Cloud Atlas

A quick overview of the 6 stories. In the 19th century, an American lawyer in the Pacific islands befriends a runaway slave, unaware that his doctor is trying to poison him. In the 1930s, a bisexual musician seeks to restore his reputation by getting a job as amanuensis to an ageing composer. In the 70s, a female reporter unfold a conspiracy involving a nuclear power station. In the present day, a fugitive publisher finds himself in a nightmarish nursing home. In the 22nd century, in the urban conurbation of Neo Seoul, ‘Sonmi-451’is a clone (or Fabricant) genetically designed to do lifetime Mcdonald job. Finally, far in the future – “after the Fall” – humanity has regressed, both in language and civilisation, but the visit of a beautiful Prescient offers hope.


What I like the most is that the actors play multiple characters in the stories and I am really impressed by the make up and prosthetic designers who are no other than Jeremy Woodhead ( Lord of the Rings, V for Vendetta & The Mummy) and Daniel Parker (The Hurt Locker, Apocalypto & The Last Samurai).Stay till to the closing credit of the movie and you will be surprised by the number of roles each actor played in the show. Actors including Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Susan Sarandon, Hugh Grant and famous Chinese actress Zhou Xun making a cameo.

I can summarize the entire movie into one word – “Connection”.  The show illustrates how 6 seemingly unrelated stories linking to one another. It is entirely different cinematic experience. It is like you are time-traveling from one time space to another. Some people might find it confusing. However, I think the directors The Wachowskis and  Tom Tykwer have executed well in helping the audience to follow the story through different costumes, actions and backdrops.


Overall, I give the movie 3 stars out of 4. Thanks Golden Village for inviting me to the screening!

Golden Village’s GVmax® Unveils Largest Cinematic Sound System in Asia featuring Dolby® Atmos™

Singapore, November 6, 2012 — Singapore’s leading cinema exhibitor, Golden Village (GV), together with Dolby Laboratories (DLB), is proud to announce the launch of Dolby’s latest new cinema sound format, Dolby® Atmos™, at its largest cinema hall, GVmax®.


Located at their flagship GV VivoCity, Golden Village’s GVmax® features radial stadium seating with a total capacity of 602. GVmax® also possesses the widest cinema screen in Asia at 22.4metres accompanied by a crystal-clear 2K digital projection. With the installation of Dolby®Atmos™, GVmax® marks another milestone as the first South East Asian cinema to introduce the revolutionary audio system, designed to create a more realistic movie experience for viewers.


“Golden Village is delighted to be the first exhibitor in Asia to introduce the latest groundbreaking audio technology in one of the largest cinema audio installations in the world with Dolby® Atmos™,” said Mr. Kurt Rieder, Chief Executive Officer of Golden Village. “We look forward to offering our audiences the sound of the future with the latest cinema technologies available today.”


Dolby® Atmos™ is regarded as the most significant development in cinema audio since the introduction of surround sound in 1987. The new technology of Dolby® Atmos™ takes a unique layered approach to sound design by giving content creators total control over the placement and movement of sound relative to the audience.


“Dolby is honoured that Golden Village has chosen Dolby Atmos in their largest their premier theatre, GVmax®,” said Mr. Mahesh Sundaram, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Dolby Laboratories. “With Dolby® Atmos™ and GVmax®’s amazing sound system, we are demonstrating an unwavering commitment to advancing the cinema experience with ground-breaking new technologies.”


Installed by Electronics and Engineering Pte Ltd, a regional industry leader in audio-visual system integration, GVmax® has been retrofitted with 67 independent EAW speakers to match audio with the onscreen action.


“We are very proud to be part of the team pioneering Dolby® Atmos™ in South East Asia,” said Mr. Ronald Goh, Managing Director, Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd. “Having installed more than 200 cinema screens to date, E&E’s abundant expertise and experience with cinema projects over the past six decades and our Dolby trained engineers are sure to deliver audiences a truly unforgettable experience.”


Movie-goers will be able to experience the cutting-edge Dolby® Atmos™ auditory experience with the premiere of the two-part action comedy AH BOYS TO MEN. Directed by Mr. Jack Neo, the production is the first Asian film to be mixed in Dolby Atmos. The film opens on 8thNovember at GVmax®. Patrons who are keen to experience Dolby® Atmos™ first-hand at GVmax® can visit for more information


Also embracing the new sound platform of Dolby® Atmos™ are two upcoming films; THE LIFE OF PI, an adventure film based on the Yann Martel’s novel which opens   29th  November as well as the highly anticipated epic fantasy-adventure film, THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, directed, co-written and produced by Mr. Peter Jackson and based on J.R.R. Tolkien‘s fantasy novel. The trilogy opens worldwide on 13th December.