Unexpected Christmas Greeting

I received a letter which is attention to “Neo”. I have only been using this name ever since my army days (Hey! I didn’t use this name because of the movie “Matrix“! Neo is my last name! and Army like to address soldiers by last name) I guess most probably it is sent by people whom I got to know in university or Army.



Indeed, it is sent by a lady whom I got to know in Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre. Here’s the message

“Seasons greeting and may your wishes come true.

All the best in your job search and hope that you will obtain a job that you’ll fancy”

It is a simple gesture on her part. I certainly appreciate that! A simple words of encouragement from friends does moltivate me to move on. I would like to say to this friend, 

“Thank you for being so thoughtful! I will continue to propell forward no matter what kind of obstacles that I will face.”

Last and foremost, I would also like to wish you a wonderful christmas and a happy new year!