Cloud Solution for your mobile device – Samsung HomeSync

Take a look on the passer-by on the street. Observe the commuters on the train. It is not hard to observe that almost everyone you see out there carries a mobile phone. We have done so much thing on our phone these days and it is not a rocket science for me to conclude that users usually face issue on the lack of disk space on the phone.

Samsung, being the world’s largest mobile phone maker, has a solution for this – Samsung HomeSync.

Here is the key features of the Samsung HomeSync.

  • 1TB drive can help users sync to multiple devices, providing shared or private storage for all your content.
  • Allows users to stream content from their GALAXY device wirelessly to the TV – letting them watch, see and use all home videos, photos and apps, at a full HD 1080p.
  • also enables new ways to interact with content via the control modes enabled wirelessly on the phone.

Take a look on the video for a clear picture on how it works. Currently, the device is available at the RPP SGD498.