Transitions Signature – Life Well Lit

Transitions Optical released its latest Transitions Signature Lenses in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The product is developed based on Transitions Optical’s latest Chromea7 technology and tested with own proprietary, patented measurement technology – Life360. See the introductory video on Life360 below

The new Chromea7 Technology enables the lens to be more responsive to the small change in light conditions outdoor while maintaining clarity indoors.

Transitions Lenses turn dark under bright sunlight
Transitions Lens turns dark under bright sunlight


Recognising today’s wearers are constantly on the go, Transitions Signature lenses cater to the increasingly mobile lifestyle of the wearer with Chromea7 Technology. Equally adaptable indoors and in low light conditions, Transitions Signature Lenses is able to adjust seamlessly and return to clarity without the wearer even noticing the change.

Host is explaining the change in the lenses when moving from indoor to outdoor
Host is demonstrating the change in the lenses while moving from outdoor to indoor


I am very impressed with  the comfort and seamless transitions during the 15 min experience with Signature series  of products. Given the high humidity and direct insolation from the sun in Singapore, this is a good product for working professionals who are constantly on the move.

Transitions Signature Lenses are currently available at all authorised eye care practitioners in a range of materials and designs. For more information, please visit