*SCAPE Terrifies with Museum of Horrors

Museum of Horrors 2013: The Twins

Singapore, October 17, 2013 – Following from a successful turnout of 3,000 pax last year, *SCAPE returns with  its 4th Halloween signature event with students from Singapore Polytechnic (SP) leading the project, supported by Movie Mania to re-visit Singapore’s novel paranormal places. The event, officially launched today and will last till the 31st of October, promises a gory and terrifying experience for participants; from the ghost bride and her lost ring at Old Tampines Road, to the infamous Bedok Reservoir.



The story revolves around twin sisters, one of whom was due to marry. However, before her wedding night, the bride was murdered by her sister in an act of resentment.

Unable to accept the death of his fiancée, the groom turned delirious and arranged a duplicate wedding ceremony with his bride’s sister. Infuriated, the bride’s vengeful spirit possessed her sister and slaughtered the guests before ending her sister’s life.

She now seeks vengeance and demands her missing wedding ring be returned to her….

Quote from *SCAPEIT!, the publication from *SCAPE. SP: Initially, our teams came up with 2 concepts – One was the vengeful bride in the Victorian era, whereas the other is based on Singaporean stories. After numerous discussion, we merged the ideas into one and came up with this year’s theme: ‘The Twins’. ‘The Twins’ theme us a fusion of a Westernised wedding and set in Singapore’s popular spooky areas. We wanted to include Singapore’s own ghost stories and rumours and create the local elements for participants to easily relate to.

Participants will slither through a maze with seven realistic dioramic sets dicpicting various novel palces around Singapore with a reputation for the paranormal. They will meet the ghost bride as she pines for her lost ring at Old Tampines Road, and revisit the sites of the mysterious death at ‘H’ Hotel. All thrill seekers will experience their worst nightmares, feel the gnawing fears of being trapped in a lift with a vengeful spirit, walk through the infamous Bedok Reservoir and feel the presence of evil sending chills down their spine.

*SCAPE  is also conducting additional programmes to engage the participants and the crowd throughout the 14 days of the event.


Horror Workshop

*SCAPE and Movie Mania have conducted a one and half hour workshop on the 5th, 6th, 12th and 13th Oct from 3pm onwards. The horror workshop is part of the management volunteer engagement programme, which enables volunteers to learn how gory and grisly props used in Halloween sets are made, and get tips on how to apply creepy make-up for Halloween. Subsequently, these youth volunteers will be able to apply their new-found skills on the performers and the public during the Museum of Horrors event.


Gruesome Photo booth at *SCAPE Warehouse

Get the chance to show off your scariest and ugliest (or pretties!) Halloween costumes and makeup by joining the photo contest! Follow *SCAPE at instagram (@scapesg), harshtag #snapmoh2013 and caption the photo with your wirriest, creepiest caption.

Think Your Way Out (TYWO) Chapter 2 

TYWO is a reality escape game in Singapore. For the first time this year, TYWO is collaberating with Museum of Horrors to create Chapter 2 of TYWO, incorporating the Halloween theme into the game. Additionally, participants will also be able to acquire hints for TYWO while participating in Museum of Horrors 2013. Participants can purchase a bundle of one TYWO Chapter 2 tickets and one Museum of Horrors 2013 ticket at the price of $38.

Tickets can be purchased online (http://www.moviemania.com.sg/moh/ticketing.php) and at the Customer Service Counter, *SCAPE HubQuarters Level 4. TYWO bundle tickets can be purchased by email (play@tywogames.com)

Tickets are $20 per pax for normal tickets and $17 per pax for students and NSF.