Review: Logitech Z213 Sound System

Follow up from my previous post.

Logitech Z213 is a 2.1 sound system which includes 2 satellites speakers and a subwoofer. This is an entry-level system that delivers quality sound across different usage be it music, movie and gaming.


Back of the subwoofer

Considering the price tag of only SGD39.90, I was very impressed by the rich bass that the subwoofer has delivered while watching music video on YouTube. Unlike other active subwoofer, the sound don’t seem to be too boomy. I guess the down-firing driver has certainly helped in spreading the bass across the room.


Bottom of the subwoofer

The compact size fits nicely on my study table. I can free up more space if I put the subwoofer on the floor but it took me a while to tidy up the wiring behind the table.


Although I like the rich bass that it delivers, the low power output has its limitation and this is more evident while watching your Hollywood action-packed movies. The diffused bass is pretty bad while you turn up the volume.


Wired volume controller

These days we have many entertainment contents stored in our phone. Having Bluetooth in the sound system will a big plus as it saves the hassle of plugging in and out of the 3.5mm plug. You can solve this problem by getting additional Bluetooth adaptor.  Still, I believe consumer is very willing to pay additional 10 to 20 bucks just to have Bluetooth integrated with the system.



Cheap and reasonable sound quality that will be best use in room. It is hard to find system with such quality at that kind of price range



Bad bass for movie and gaming given the low power output. No bluetooth and it is cumbersome to plug in and out from the 3.5mm jack if I would like to listen music stored in my phone.



As an entry level system, it is a buy for people who is looking for simplicity that compliment with their home computer.


A quick summary on the specs.

Satellites (per speaker)
  • 2 x 1.5W (RMS) (into 4 ohms, @1kHz, @10% THD)
  • 2-inch concave dome driver
Subwoofer Driver
  • 4W (RMS) (into 4 ohms, @100Hz, @10% THD)
  • 4-inch down-firing dome driver
  • Integrated bass control
Frequency Response 65Hz~20kHz
Power Output 7W (RMS) / 14W (peak)
Inputs / Outputs 3.5mm auxiliary input, 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Satellite: 142 x 79 x 76mm
  • Subwoofer: 183 x 130 x 193mm
  • 1.76kg




Logitech Mulitmedia Speaker Z50 Review

Thanks to SPRG for sending in the review unit. Z50 is a light and compact mini speaker that measured 106.5mm (H) X 98.6mm (W) X 98.6mm(D) in dimension and weighs only 260g.

Unlike most other mini speakers, the flowerpot-shaped device has a sound driver facing upwards instead of facing directly to the users. Surprise from this small device, this speaker can deliver loud sound output of upto 10W.


– Compact and portable –  Light to carry around and Small enough to put into any bag.

– Attractive price point – Only SGD 24/-

– Quality sound compared to speakers from the similar price range.

– Minimalistic design with 3 different vibrant colours choices – Pink, Grey and Blue (Personally, I like the blue colour)



– Only 3.5mm jack – No other connectivity option.

– Limited power option – only AC power


Buy or not?

For mini speaker designed to be light and affordable, it is not physically possible to have “all the good stuffs”. If you are looking for a speaker that works well with your tablets and laptop in an indoor environment, this is certainly one of the choices that you can consider.








Review of DELL Inspiron 14R laptop (with Touch Display)

Tablets, nowadays are good enough to fulfill most of our needs on the move. However, there are times that I still prefer laptop over tablet. Recently, I manage to get hold of DELL Inspiron 14R laptop. Powered by Windows 8. With touchscreen capabilities, it has made navigation within Windows 8 easier.

Key Specification

  • 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-4200U processor (3M Cache, up to 2.6 GHz, UMA)
  • 4GB 1 DIMM (1X4GB) DDR3L 1600Mhz
  • 500GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
  • 14.0 inch LED Backlit Display with Truelife and HD resolution (1366 x 768)
  • 4-cell Lithium Ion (40WHr) Battery

Price: Start from SGD899 (depending on the level of customization as well as cash rebate)

What I like

  • Value for money: you get almost everything you need in a laptop with reasonable performance in every aspects. You get 3 x USB ports (2 x USB3.0 & 1 x USB 2.0), 1 x HDMI port and a DVD writer. Sufficient battery life to get your work done on the go.
  • Wave MaxxAudio: Good sound quality from the inbuilt speaker (It gets better if you plug in to your headphone) A perfect companion when you get bored with inflight entertainment.

What I dislike 

  • Thick and heavy



This is a budget laptop that meant to get work done while at the same time, serve as a mobile entertainment device. Cost-conscious consumers like students and businesses might find this a suitable laptop for them.




Product review on Sony walkman

I would like to make known to you guys that the review of Sony Walkman is up at The Neo Dimension! But….it is not written by me. I have passed the device to a lady friend of mine who is rather new in the Singapore blogosphere.  This is her first review on technology product and I have to say that it is a very well-written one. You may wish to read her review below.

“ Ok, so some of you might have seen the new wearable Sony Walkman® on advertisements. If you are thinking of getting one of these lovely MP3 players, then you have come to the right place. Here, I will give you a showdown of Sony’s latest Walkman® MP3 player – NWZ-W202.

The Physical Design

NWZ-W202 features a new wearable style that does not involve any headphone cords. Well to be exact, the cord is stiff and shaped such that the set warps around your head. So you can say goodbye to the days when you have to wrestle with tangled cords that always gets into the way.

The earpiece does fit comfortably, though it required a bit of time to find the right angle to wear it and getting used to it. Once worn correctly, the player sets snugly around the head and stays in place even when I ran with it. Therefore, this set should serve sports enthusiasts and gym goers very well. However, the mini USB port on the bottom of the right earpiece is not covered, so people who sweat a lot might have to be a little more careful not to let sweat enter the mini USB port.

For users who carry their laptops or bags in one hand and thus have the habit of operating their players single-handedly might want to note the following point. The only time I found the design not-so-user-friendly was when I removed the headset to pick up a call and I tried to put the player back on single-handedly. Perhaps the complication arises from the fact that I had long hair and I was trying to cover up the player with my hair. Users who have short hair or have their hair tied up shouldn’t have problems wearing the player single-handedly.

Features of the device

The Sony Walkman® NWZ-W202 offers a memory of 2GB. I find that 2GB memory is decent enough, though I would always welcome a bigger storage capacity. And like all other Sony Walkman®, the NWZ-W202 offers good sound quality.

MMF@suntec 27 - 29 APR 014

All the controls are on the right earpiece. The jog dial and volume controls are on the bottom, and the shuffle switch is on the back. To switch on the player, first separate the two earpieces which are held together by a magnet, and then press and hold the jog dial. To switch off the player, you simply attach the two earpieces together. It was quite easy to get used to the controls, so operating the device should be a smooth experience for most people. The shuffle switch is more difficult to operate while wearing the player though.

NWZ-W202 features this ZAPPIN™ function whereby users can listen to 4 seconds excerpts (ZAPPIN™ short) or 15 seconds excerpts (ZAPPIN™ long) then select the song they want to listen to. To change to ZAPPIN™ playback, simply press and hold the jog dial until “Zappin in” is heard when the player is in normal playback mode. To trigger between ZAPPIN™ short and ZAPPIN™ long, press and hold the jog dial until “Zappin short” or “Zappin long” is heard. When you hear the excerpt of the song you want to listen to, simply press the jog dial and you will be back in normal playback mode.

While this can be a pretty handy way to find your songs, my grievances about the player is that once you select a song and go back to normal playback, the player doesn’t automatically go into ZAPPIN™ mode so that you can select your next song. Instead, it just continues to play the next song as it would in normal mode. It would be lovely if there is an option to go back to ZAPPIN™ mode automatically so that you can continue to select songs. So for myself, I have chosen to keep forwarding to the next track until I find a song that I like instead of using the ZAPPIN™ feature. Nonetheless, ZAPPIN™ is still a cool feature to have.

­Battery life

NWZ-W202 has quick charge ability where 3 minutes of charging will provide approximately 90 minutes of playback time. This is handy when you’re in a rush and needs to power up your player quickly.

Sony claims that playback at MP3 128 kbps will give approximately 12 hours of playback time, whilst playback at WMA 128 kbps or AAC-LC 128 kbps will give approximately 10 hours of playback time. It takes about 1.5 hours to charge the player fully.

Of course I didn’t get the full 10 hours of playback when I tested the player, but when fully charged, the player can certainly last you throughout the day.


In conclusion, the Sony Walkman® NWZ-W202 is definitely a strong contender to Apple’s iPod shuffle and should appeal to gym goers who want a practical, simple player with good sound quality.

The NWZ-W202 comes in five juicy colours (Black, Pink, Green, Purple and White) and retails at SGD129.



– Cordless style

– Player fits snugly and holds well during exercise

– Comfortable controls

– Simple interface

– Good sound quality

– Decent battery life & quick charge

– Affordable price

– Choice of colours


– Mini USB port is not covered

– Limitations of ZAPPIN™ feature “

Sorry guys, I can’t reveal her blog site as she has said to me that she will rather remain anonymous.