Singapore F1 Race Has Calmed My Hectic Schedule

It has been a while since my last blog post. I was very busy writing a marketing report for a Malaysian company which intends to come to Singapore to set up retail store. However, I still manage to spare some time for break.

For those who “managed” to catch me for the past 2 weeks, you should have aware that I’ve received a LG GC900 Viewty from Mark Koh, LG-One. Ok, you must be wondering why a “uncle-like” man like me agree to write a review for this “girly” phone?

First of all, it is the 8 mega pixel camera feature that has attracted me to get a hold of this phone. There is no need for me to carry a camera on top of my phone ( my 1-year old HTC phone does not have good camera feature!!!) By the way, I still own an old 8 mega pixel camera. Having a phone which has good camera feature serves as a good replacement for both my phone and camera.


F1 Rocks Concert with LG

Along with the phone, I was also invited to attend the LG F1 Rocks Concert held at Fort Canning. It is a 3-day event featuring multiple celebrities from all around the globe.  


I have uploaded some photos here.



We were there early and we were able to see the organizer staging the place. 


People coming in…



N.E.R.D performing…





If you want a more completed coverage, you may wish to visit

F1 Race

Oh yes! How can we miss out the world’s only night F1 Race?! Haha! I manage to get seated tickets for this race. Our seats are located at Padang


Beautiful night scene at Padang



F1 Track before the race starts…



Video on the F1 motors! Apologies for the badly-taken images…the cars were just moving too fast!


Night concert after the race…


Visit for more information about the race results.

I have also uploaded some photos at Photobucket. You may wish to see them here.