Event Coverage – ViewQwest Partners Aftershock PC + Launched 10Gbps Broadband + IT Show Special

Every ISPs (Internet Service Provider) in Singapore seems to be overly anxious in up-ing the residential broadband services. After Singtel and Superinternet, ViewQwest today launched its premium 10Gbps consumer fibre broadband service at SGD 218 per month and it is now available to all households in Singapore.

Such speeds which were made excusive for business users in the past is now available for residential users. With that kind of speed, consumers can, theoretically download a 4K movie in a matter of minutes. However, that is provided you have sufficient computing power to do so.

To provide a comprehensive solution for consumers, ViewQwest is partnering homegrown PC-maker Aftershock PC to build specially customised PCs with all the necessary components that can take advantage of the uber-fast throughputs of the 10Gbps line.

ViewQwest’s 10Gbps line makes use of Metro Ethernet technology which offers symmetrical 10Gbps upstream and downstream speeds, unlike the rival GPon solutions which offers 10Gbps downlinks but only approximately 2Gbps up.

Consumers, especially early adopters who sign up for high-end 10Gbps lines expect nothing but the very best, yet in today’s marketplace they have to figure out for themselves how to customise a compatible computer and set up a home network which can enjoy the maximum speeds of the 10Gbps line.

Aftershock Boost. Source: Instagram user @weewu

That is why ViewQwest has entered into the special partnership with Aftershock as well as launched its new ViewQwest Black 10Gbps broadband plan which comes with a business-class service which includes a dedicated 24/7 customer support phone line as well as premium next-business day on-site support. Members will also get a host of exclusive deals including SGD 200 off the exclusive customised Aftershock Boost – a 10Gbps-ready PC and an additional ten per cent discount on all gadgets sold on ViewQwest’s e-shop. The exclusive Aftershock Boost will be available from SGD 2,800 onwards.

Vignesa Moorthy, CEO of ViewQwest. Source: Instagram user @weewu

“Excellent customer service is deeply rooted in ViewQwest’s DNA and the ViewQwest Black 10Gbps plan, we aim to go beyond to provide a hassle-free end-to-end experience for our customers – from sign up to aftersales support. Knowing that we are strategically aligned with Aftershock PC, we are confident about translating this partnership into value-added service for our customers,” added Vignesa.

(From left) Marcus and Joe Wee, Founder of Aftershock PC. Source: Instagram user @weewu

Marcus Wee, Technical Director and Founder, Aftershock PC said: “As homegrown companies, both Aftershock PC and ViewQwest thoroughly understands the needs of consumers individually. We are excited how this partnership is naturally complementary and how this will affect the quality of broadband service in Singapore to take it to higher standards.”

Details about the ViewQwest Black 10Gbps Broadband Plan

Monthly subscription

SGD 218

Contract Period

24 months

One-time charges

  • SGD 7 administrative fee
  • SGD 71.25 processing fee

Bundled with

  • Dedicated 24/7 ViewQwest customer support hotline
  • Next business day on site service for ViewQwest broadband
  • SGD 200 off the exclusive Aftershock X ViewQwest 10Gbps-ready PC
  • Extended three-year on-site warranty for Aftershock PC (1-for-1 hardware exchange)
  • Free Eubiq X ViewQwest power adaptor tower stand (worth SGD338)
  • Additional all-year round ten per cent for gadgets bought on ViewQwest’s e-store (after member’s price)
  • Two-year Epitude membership which can be used at Epicentre outlets (worth SGD30)
  • Free six months OneVoice™ Residential and Freedom VPN
  • Other benefits will be rolled out in the future

IT Show 2016 Special

With the introduction of the new 10Gbps broadband plan into their suite of product offerings, ViewQwest is now the only provider to offer a range of high-speed fibre broadband speeds starting from 1Gbps and above. In celebration of this, IT Show 2016 visitors can keep a look out and expect unbeatable deals for their 1Gbps and 2Gbps broadband plans at their booth on Level 4, Booth 8308 from 10th to 13th March.

In addition, every purchase of an Aftershock desktop or laptop can enjoy a free 6-month ViewQwest 1Gbps trial. In the duration of the six months, the customer can opt to cancel and return the hardware with no penalty. After the first six months, they can choose to continue their broadband plan for the remaining 18 months at the usual price plans.

Troubled With Slow 4G Network? Tune Talk May Have A Solution

BARCELONA, 24 FEBRUARY – Tune Talk, a Malaysia-based Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO),  announced today that it is launching a all-new service which will unify any and all emerging spectrums to create a singular point-to-point broadband connectivity OTA(Over the Air) with absolutely zero expenditure on infrastructure. The announcement was made along with the new ‘Tune Talk 8G’ device at the SWAG Booth in the Mobile World Congress 2016, Barcelona, Spain. The technology is expected to make Malaysia the first country in the world to be able to experience such optimal usage of bandwidth of various mediums, as opposed to the current market model, which is fractured by service provider and not by bandwidth availability.


SWAG Device by Tune Talk
SWAG Device by Tune Talk

Jason Lo, CEO of Tune Talk, stated, “Our ‘Tune Talk 8G’ device brings a new class of approaching a common issue. The result of this effort is by far the fastest, most reliable and most ubiquitous mobile data connectivity without requiring any infrastructure upgrades. Be it in single- or multi-user scenarios, Tune Talk 8G will deliver the best possible mobile connectivity and security for enterprise users, first responders and everyday users, urban or otherwise.“

“The 8G speed shall lead to new applications ranging from offering boundless Internet access to people on the go, to offering more reliable, more secure and dependable Internet for first responders or critical enterprise use, to significantly enhancing the offerings in underserved and rural areas. This introduction will forever change the mobile landscape in Malaysia and Tune Talk is proud to play a part in leading the way together with our partnership with our enabler, SWAG!” he added.

The developer for this pioneering technology is Malaysian-based company, SWAG (‘Super Wi-Fi Anywhere you Go’).

SWAG CEO, Raphael Mannadiar, a Phd in Computer Science explains “”The basis for this service is the WR1 by SWAG, which merges mobile spectrum across multiple network operators into a single mobile Wi-Fi hotspot to revolutionize the way in which we use and experience mobile internet. By fully utilizing multiple available networks simultaneously, users will be able to enjoy data speeds and connection robustness at multiples of current service providers. (Tune Talk have measured stable stationary and drive test speeds of up to 160 mbps, unheard of in Malaysia. They have also measured average speeds of 66 mbps during high-usage, peak-congestion.) While it is not intended as a substitute to fibre, this ground-breaking service can easily and seamlessly do so in areas where fibre facilities are not available.”

The device is expected to be launched commercially by Q3 of this year in Malaysia.


About Tune Talk 

Launched in 2009, Tune Talk is a JV between Tony Fernandes’s (Founder, AirAsia) Tune Group and Celcom Axiata. It is the fastest growing mobile prepaid service provider in Malaysia and the region with close to 2 million subscribers. Fun, vibrant and relevant, the brand is quickly becoming the choice mobile virtual network operator among the young and outgoing. With a driving mission of providing premium prepaid experiences, Tune Talk stays constantly ahead in providing the lowest flat calling rates and data packages in the prepaid market. Combined with exciting incentives via AirAsia BIG loyalty points, merchant offerings, local and international concerts, movies and sports championships; Tune Talk offers its subscribers exciting experiences on and off their mobile phones.

Visit www.tunetalk.com for more information.


About SWAG

Super WiFi Anywhere you Go merges mobile spectrum across multiple network operators into a single mobile WiFi hotspot to revolutionize the way we use and experience mobile Internet. By tapping into the available resources of several disjoint mobile infrastructures simultaneously, SWAG brings a new class of and the fastest, most reliable and most ubiquitous mobile connectivity without requiring any infrastructure upgrades. Be it in single- or multi-user scenarios, SWAG always delivers the best possible mobile connectivity and security for enterprise users, first responders and everyday users, urban or otherwise.

Visit www.swag.my for more information.

Press Release – Apple tops The Straits Times Digital Awards with seven wins

Singapore, 23 February 2016 – Apple was the biggest winner at The Straits Times Digital Awards 2016 today, bagging seven awards across the smartphone, tablet and smartwatch categories. Apple was clearly the favourite among the readers of ST Digital, winning the Readers’ Choice in all five awards which it was shortlisted as a finalist – Best Overall Smartphone, Best Phablet, Best Smartphone Camera, Best Tablet and Best Smartwatch. The tech giant also got the nod of approval from the ST Digital editorial team who chose the Apple iPad Pro for the Best Tablet and the Apple Watch for the Best Smartwatch.

Apple’s dominance in the mobile devices category was blunted by Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 4G+ which won the Editor’s Choice awards for Best Overall Smartphone and Best Smartphone Camera, and by the Google Nexus 6P which took the Editor’s Choice award for the Best Phablet.

Into its fifth year, the annual tech awards aim to celebrate and recognise the best gadgets, games and tech innovations of the year. This year, the awards has been renamed as The Straits Times Digital Awards as the weekly tech supplement had shed its old name Digital Life last year to reflect its integration into the main broadsheet section of The Straits Times.

As in previous years, the awards are divided into Editor’s Choice awards, picked by The Straits Times Digital editorial team, and the Readers’ Choice, selected by ST readers in an online poll in January. They stood a chance to win lucky draw prizes worth over $25,000.

This year saw the introduction of two new categories – Best Smartwatch and Best Fitness Tracker – to capture new segments that are tugging strongly at consumers’ heartstrings and wallets.

Altogether, there were 21 award categories with a total of 105 products and games nominated. About 4700 ST readers voted in the January poll.

Canon emerged as the second biggest overall winner, clinching all four Readers’ Choice awards in the camera categories.

Lenovo was the biggest winner in the laptops category, getting three wins followed by Asus with two.

The editorial team picked The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for the Best Overall Game while the readers voted for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

With the haze dominating headlines last year, ST Engineering’s Innosparks duly won the Most Innovative award with its unique Air+ Smart Mask that built an air filter into the mask for easy breathing in the smog.

Ms Irene Tham, Tech Editor of The Straits Times said: “We would like to congratulate all winners. It was a tough call for many of the judging decisions as there were several equally-deserving finalists.

“I would also like to thank StarHub for coming in as our new presenting sponsor this year. Previously, StarHub was only a category sponsor and I am heartened by StarHub’s show of confidence to raise its involvement and support for our awards.”

Ms Jeannie Ong, Chief Strategic Partnership Officer of StarHub said: “I have always marvelled at The Straits Times team for putting together the Digital Life Awards successfully for the past four years, despite limited resources. They have done an excellent job for readers like myself, as they have proven themselves to be the ‘authoritative voice’ on what were the hottest gadgets and best innovations for our industry each year.”

Ms Ong added: “StarHub is honoured to be the presenter of the renamed The Straits Times Digital Awards, and we will continue to work closely with the device manufacturers to bring better improvements to the lives of Singaporean consumers, by enhancing the way they live, work and play.”

The full results of the winners are available online at www.straitstimes.com/tech and will also be published in The Straits Times Digital section tomorrow (Feb 24, 2016).

See PDF version on the list of winners

[pdf-embedder url=”https://theneodimension.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/ST-Digital-Awards-2016-winners-list.pdf”]

Press Release – Journey to 5G: Singtel partners with Ericsson to ready 4G LTE network for Internet of Things

Singtel and Ericsson today announced their partnership to ready Singtel’s 4G LTE network to support the expected rapid growth of connected devices. The collaboration will start with a trial of Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology beginning in the second half of 2016.

NB-IoT, a solution which will enable extended coverage and much less complex devices, will enable Singtel to support new IoT use cases in areas such as smart cities, utilities and the environment. Singtel’s 4G LTE network already supports low-cost Category 1 (Cat-1) devices, which are built for IoT applications.

Tay Soo Meng at the signing of Ericsson - Singtel MOU Signing Ceremony in 2015 held at Singapore
Tay Soo Meng at the signing of Ericsson – Singtel MOU Signing Ceremony held at Singapore in 2015

Tay Soo Meng, Group Chief Technology Officer, Singtel, says: “IoT connectivity is an important part of Singapore’s enterprises and supports the Singapore Government’s Smart Nation initiative. We anticipate a growing demand to connect a multitude of sensors and devices in a cost-effective manner. Focusing on power saving capabilities in our networks enables energy efficiency benefits for the IoT eco-system; we expect at least 10 years battery life. With the early introduction of low-powered IoT devices, this brings us a step closer to 5G goals, where new device and sensor technologies can leverage network connectivity to power a variety of use cases, such as lighting and vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity.

“Singtel continues to pursue leading technologies with Ericsson — a part of our 5G partnership programs. Ericsson is one of the leaders in exploring new technologies such as LTE-M and NB-IoT, paving the way towards the new connected eco-system and we are delighted to work closely with them to continuously deliver innovative solutions to our market.”

IoT is a rapidly growing segment and, according to the Ericsson Mobility Report, 28 billion connected devices are expected by 2021, of which more than 15 billion will be connected M2M and consumer electronics devices. Support for massive Machine Type Communications is also one of the key aspects enabled by the fifth generation network eco-system.

Long-term battery life has become a prerequisite for a vast number of IoT devices, supporting field deployments with minimal power requirements and maintenance. It is possible to enable over 10 years of battery life on existing LTE networks. Power saving capabilities allow devices to enter a new deep sleep mode and are ideal for devices that only need to contact the network once per hour or even less frequently.

Sam Saba at the signing of Ericsson - Singtel MOU Signing Ceremony in Singapore
Sam Saba at the signing of Ericsson – Singtel MOU Signing Ceremony held at Singapore in 2015

Sam Saba, Region Head, Ericsson South East Asia & Oceania, says:  “IoT is an emerging market and we are pleased to work with Singtel to enhance their network to support the adoption of IoT. Together we will continue to explore future IoT technologies such as Cat-M and NB-IoT which promises to reduce device costs and improve coverage and battery life even further. Examples of applications that can leverage on these technologies are temperature, air quality and flood water sensors.”

Ericsson at Mobile World Congress 2016

During Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, Ericsson will showcase its unique industry insights, the latest innovation and inspirational discussions that enable powerful new business opportunities. We are in the midst of the societal transformation we call the Networked Society: a society in which mobility, broadband and cloud empower every person and every industry to reach their full potential. Opportunity is everywhere, and companies are transforming according to the role they have chosen to play in the value chains and ecosystems of the Networked Society.

Join us in our Hall (Hall 2, Stand 2N60) to learn about 5G, the Internet of Things and cloud, and to discuss the impact digital transformation can have on people, business and society

About Singtel

Singtel is Asia’s leading communications group providing next-generation communication, infotainment and technology services to consumers and businesses across Asia Pacific. The Group has a presence in Asia, Australia and Africa with over 595 million mobile customers in 25 countries. In Singapore, Singtel’s consumer operations delivers a complete and integrated suite of services, including mobile, broadband and TV. Singtel provides a superior customer experience by continually setting new goals in service, quality and innovation.


About Ericsson

Download high-resolution photos and broadcast-quality video at www.ericsson.com/press

Ericsson is the driving force behind the Networked Society – a world leader in communications technology and services. Our long-term relationships with every major telecom operator in the world allow people, business and society to fulfill their potential and create a more sustainable future.

Our services, software and infrastructure – especially in mobility, broadband and the cloud – are enabling the telecom industry and other sectors to do better business, increase efficiency, improve the user experience and capture new opportunities.

With approximately 115,000 professionals and customers in 180 countries, we combine global scale with technology and services leadership. We support networks that connect more than 2.5 billion subscribers. Forty percent of the world’s mobile traffic is carried over Ericsson networks. And our investments in research and development ensure that our solutions – and our customers – stay in front.

Founded in 1876, Ericsson has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Net sales in 2015 were SEK 246.9 billion (USD 29.4 billion). Ericsson is listed on NASDAQ OMX stock exchange in Stockholm and the NASDAQ in New York.

How to save cost on mobile charges?

Mobile usage includes mobile internet usage, SMS and voice calls and every one of us has different usage pattern. I am sure everyone here faces challenge on selecting a contract that suits your needs but very often, people will choose the mid-range mobile plan which works out to be about $50 per month and bind you for a good 24 months. Given the condition that you are going to be bind by the contract, might as well change to a new iPhone which is selling at a discount (probably you will be paying at close to $600 for the iPhone on such contract)

You feel good at the start of renewed contract but often, you start to realise that you have always been under-utilising your SMS or voice call and on some occasion, you run the risk of breaching your mobile data monthly limit.

I am going to share with you some general tips on managing your mobile usage. It will be relevant to most people but for those power users (I will call them the “outliners”), it may not apply but nonetheless, some parts of this post could serve as a good reference when comes to signing up a new plan.

Rule 1: Dump your contract!!!

Telcos is selling discounted handsets as a sweetener to lock you down for a good 2 years. Bear in mind that Telco’s cost per unit usage is almost zero, the contract plan serves as a good, steady stream of income which from the business’s point of view, is a good revenue model.

Unfortunately, there is no way you could avoid Telcos from earning $ from you. They invested huge amount on infrastructure and they need to get returns somehow or another.

Rule 2: Say good bye to your iPhone

iPhone is an expensive device and sometimes you are wondering, “Is it really necessary to spend so much on a mobile phone?” There are many value-for-money Android phones in the market which could perform tasks almost as well as an iPhone but sold at a fraction of the price. ASUS Zenfone Selfie’s hardware, for instance, is comparable to iPhone 6S Plus (some specs are even better!) but it is selling less than $400 without contract!

With about 1.8 millions of apps in Google’s Play store, the Zenfone Selfie could offer the same level of entertainment and productivity that iPhone could provide but at a much lower price.

The Zenfone Selfie armed with 13MP front camera

Below are the photo samples I shot with the ASUS Zenfone Selfie.

Photo shot by ASUS Zenfone Selfie. Source: Instagram user @weewu
Selfie shot by Zenfone Selfie. Source: Instagram user @weewu

Performance-wise is very comparable to iPhone. The Zenfone Selfie pretty much functions almost as well as (if not, better than) the iPhone.

Rule 3: Choose a data-only plan with no contract obligation (SIM-Only Plan)

This is by far the most important aspect when comes to cost-saving. With 4G connection, I really don’t think that mobile plan bundled with voice call and SMS is required in the current market environment. We don’t use SMS except for receiving notification from your bank informing you on the fund transfer and payment. We might still use voice call for business conversation and chatting with close-friends. However, VOIP technology has matured over the years and there are lots of IM apps in the market that offers free call over internet. I will elaborate more in Rule 4 on how you could get unlimited free minutes even you don’t have a mobile plan!

In my opinion, I think the most cost-effective plan is to choose SIM-only plan. All 3 Telcos in Singapore have realised the need of such services and have rolled up various plans in the hope to protect their market positions. Each telco has different terms but personally, I think Singtel has one that is most flexible and affordable. For instance, a 3GB plan from Singtel works out to be only $20 per month and on top of that, you are also given a 2GB of Singtel WiFi that covers most part of Singapore. This is something that other Telcos could not offer.

To most users, 3GB data limit per month should be sufficient. However, for whatsoever reasons, you need more. Singtel allows you to add-on based on your needs. Typically, additional charge is approx. $5 per GB.

Rule 4: Find an app to make free call – Try pfingo

You might be thinking of WhatsApp call when you are reading this part of the article. You are partially correct. WhatsApp is indeed a good app that allows you to make free call. However, you must understand that WhatsApp still requires internet connection for you to make a call which means it still requires mobile data connection. Does it sound free to you? The call will only be “free” if you are connected to WiFi.

Furthermore, WhatsApp call is only possible provided that both caller and recipient have the app installed on their phones.

I am going to recommend another app that could bypass such limitation that WhatsApp users are facing. It is called pfingo.

Unlike WhatsApp, pfingo user could make free call to non-pfingo user. With its callback feature and its proprietary VOIP technology, there is no need for the recipient to install the app to receive such call. pfingo user could also make call to landlines as well (for free of course).

Interested in their technology? Take a look at the below video for better understanding.


Let’s sum up!

The key take-away is flexibility. If you followed the plan that I’ve just shared, you could have saved close to 50% if not more. Judging from the market trend in Singapore, voice and SMS will likely to be completely phased out in the next 5 years. (I can’t remember when is the last time I utilize my “free” SMS and call time that comes along with my contract). In fact, Singtel has foreseen that is coming and they launched their own version of WhatsApp (check up the post here). Bottom-line, 4G network has made voice and SMS services redundant. There are apps that could help users to save cost. For instance, Whatsapp and pfingo which are basically free to users.

Singtel celebrates Lunar New Year with free unlimited mobile data and Singtel TV previews

Singtel is ushering in the Year of the Monkey with a goodie bag of treats for its customers. All Singtel postpaid customers will enjoy two days of free unlimited mobile data from 12:00am on 7 February to 11:59pm on 8 February while Singtel TV customers will be treated to free previews of more than 150 channels from 6:00am on 5 February to 11:59pm on 14 February.


Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO, Consumer Singapore, Singtel, said, “We are delighted to present our customers with complimentary services that they can enjoy with their family and friends over this auspicious season. The free TV viewing and mobile data will provide hours of quality family entertainment as they celebrate the festive period. We thank them for their continuous support and wish them a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year.”


Customers can visit singtel.com/cny for more details.

Alcatel Termed “Mobigraphy” with Its latest Phone – Flash 2

Singapore, 26 November 2015 – Alcatel Flash today announced their latest prime model, the Flash 2, with an even stronger focus on mobile photography than ever before. Fresh with their new brand color “Flash Green” signifies innovation, youth and energy, shows the idea that the Flash 2 builds upon Alcatel Flash’s commitment in providing mobile users a unique mobile photography experience – mobigraphy.

“Mobigraphy is not just an action, but is now a lifestyle. We understand this from the very beginning when we created the Flash series.” Albert Wong, General Manager, Alcatel Flash. “What we have done for Flash 2 is to continue to improve on what we already have and make it better yet at the same time continue to provide accessibility and convenience to the users to shoot their best moments.”

Exclusive gSight. Camera Technologies

The gSight. camera is born to deliver superior image quality. The 13MP Samsung S5K3M2 ISOCELL sensor, ƒ/2.0 aperture and 0.3 seconds Phase Detection Auto Focus provides fast, sharp and powerful camera experience. With RealTone flash gives an extra advantage in low light conditions while maintaining the colors as true as possible to real life.

Design to Be Profie Cam.

For the Profie Cam. front camera, Flash 2 has the distinct LED flash, shedding light to the users’ selfies. With the advancement of the wider 84 degrees angle, selfie taking with families and friends improves tremendously as you can fit even more people into the photo, and never leave anyone out in capturing your special moments. 

Design To Fit Perfectly In Your Hand

The Flash 2 is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in any hand. The non-slip and mark-free curved back keeps the device spotless and dirt-free at all times. Meanwhile, the balanced body gives easy access to all functions by using just one hand.

Sweet Intuitive Android L UI Experience.

Simple yet elegantly stunning. The authentic Android L UI that comes with the Flash 2 is all about simple yet easy-to-use designs that understands the human behavior. The results is an overall user-friendly navigation and experience.

Robust 64-bit Octa-core Processor.

Built with the incredibly powerful 64-bit octa-core 1.3Ghz Cortex-A53 MT6753 Processor along with the 2GB LPDDR3 SDRAM, the Flash 2 delivers robust performance for heavy duty usage. Users can multitask seamlessly. For peak graphic performance, the l Flash 2 comes with the Mali-T720MP4 GPU.

Pricing & Availability

The Flash 2(Volcanic Grey) will be available on 4 December 2015 a t M1 and Lazada Singapore for $199. Flash 2 flip cover and screen protector will be bundled as a standard in-box accessories.

Epson Launched New Range of Inkjet Printers For SOHO/SME

Singapore, November 2015 – Epson launched their latest WorkForce Pro Series Printers – WF-5111, WF-5621 and WF-6091. Singapore is the first country in Southeast Asia to launch the new WorkForce Pro series printers.

The launch was held as part of a business showcase of Epson’s business inkjet portfolio for both SOHO/SME and business users. Products include its market leading ink tank system printers which have sold over two million units in Southeast Asia.

WorkForce Pro Printers – Focus on cost-savings and speed

Specially targeted at home and small to medium businesses, the three new WorkForce Pro series printers – WF-5111, WF-5621 and WF-6091 will provide users with low-cost, high page yields for enhanced business productivity and work efficiency.

Key features of the new WorkForce Pro series printers include:

  • Powered by Epson’s PrecisionCore Printhead technology: Initially used for industry level printing, Epson is increasingly introducing PrecisionCore technology for models catering to small business and office needs. It is a culmination of over 40 years of development that produces precision and durability in business printing. The printhead technology eliminates warm up time that is normally required in colour laser printers, therefore maximizing time efficiency. Nozzles using PrecisionCore can efficiently and precisely deliver the most appropriate amount of ink to achieve highquality, high-speed printing.
  • High page yields and durability: According to Epson, the WF-6091 can print up to 10,000 and 7,000 black and colour pages respectively, while the WF-5111 and WF-5621 can print up to 45,000 pages monthly.
  • Saving costs with automatic duplex function. The new WorkForce Pro range comes with double-sided printing to further cut costs and lessen the impact on the environment.

Product specifications of the new WorkForce Pro series printers are available in the Annex.

Printing Solutions for Businesses

In addition to the new WorkForce Pro series printers, business partners were also treated to a showcase of Epson’s complete portfolio of business inkjet printers. They include:

  • M-series Ink Tank System Printers: Epson’s first monochrome integrated ink tank system printers – the M100 and M200 provide users ultra-low-cost office printing. The printers save costs, power and time with an ultra-high yield of 6,000 pages, making it the most economical office printer than any mono laser or inkjet printer.
  • Epson’s revolutionary L-series range of ink tank printers: These include the L310, L365 as well as the L655, Epson’s top-of-the-line ink tank system printer which is the world’s first duplex ink tank system printer.
  • Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R8591: The first printer model that features a Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS). Combining both PrecisionCore technology and DURABrite Ultra Pro inks, the Epson RIPS utilises high capacity ink packs that can hold a far higher volume of ink compared to traditional ink cartridges. The WF-R8591 has a super high-yield printing of up

    to 75,000 pages without replacing the ink. The Replaceable Ink Pack System technology offers cost savings to meet centralized printing needs and maintain a lower inventory for consumables.

Matthew Loh, Head of Sales Epson Singapore at the launch of Workforce Pro Product Launch.

The event is part of Epson Singapore’s efforts to engage their customers and promote the use of inkjet printing for the business segment. Said Mr Matthew Loh, Head of Sales, Epson Singapore,” The future of business printing lies in developing versatile solutions that can keep up with changing business needs. Small businesses especially want a one-stop solution that can deliver good and fast results cost-effectively – be it office documents, colour photos or creative visual products. Epson’s business printing solutions, such as the WorkForce Pro series, bring that ease of mind and flexibility to corporate customers, to expand their business at top speed without worrying if they need to add on multiple printers or compromise on quality.”

Annex: Epson WorkForce Pro series business inkjet printers key specifications

Feature WF-5111 WF-6091 WF-5621 WF-8591

Colour Ink Jet Printer PrecisionCore Print Head

Print Resolution 4, 800 x 1, 200dpi
Print Speed


20 ipm/

20 ipm

24 ipm/

24 ipm

20 ipm/

20 ipm

24ipm /


Scan     Optical


N/A 1, 200 x 2, 400 dpi
Scanning Speed












Windows® XP/XP Professional x 64 Edition/ Vista™/ 7/ 8/


Windows Server 2003/2003R2/2008/2008R2/2012

Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later3

Wireless Mobile


Epson iPrint, Email Print, Remote Print Driver, Scan to Cloud, Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print

Price (GST Incl.)

& Availability


Available now


Available now


Available now

$5, 888

Available now

@Singtel Partners Online Retailer @LazadaSG

Source: Instagram user @weewu

Singtel (stock quote: Z74.SI)today announced that its award-winning mobile payment app, Dash, has expanded its extensive merchant list to include leading online retailer, Lazada.SG by partnering with helloPay, the fintech platform of Lazada Group.


“Dash has the largest mobile payment merchant network in Singapore today. We are proud to partner helloPay and Lazada.SG, for our first foray into the online shopping space. It has been an exciting year for Dash as we continue to grow our merchant network with home-grown partners and collaborating with transit operators. Dash has evolved into a dynamic multi-mode payment option. We have widened our reach beyond physical establishments into the vibrant online payments ecosystem so our customers can pay for a greater slew of products and services at their convenience,” said Ms Gan Siok Hoon, VP, mCommerce, Consumer Singapore, Singtel.


One of Singapore’s most popular online shopping sites, Lazada.SG offers more than 1 million products that range from household appliances, consumer electronics to apparel and jewellery. Dash customers will receive a 5% cashback on all of their Lazada purchases until 31 December, 2015.


“At Lazada Singapore, we constantly strive to provide an effortless shopping experience to our customers. Dash is an exciting step towards enhancing this and we are excited to bring forward this partnership through helloPay,” said Martell Hardenberg, CEO, Lazada Singapore.


To make fast and secure payments on Lazada.SG, customers only need to select the helloPay option upon checkout, choose the Dash payment mode, and log in with their mobile number and PIN.


Dash Happy Hour


To celebrate its first e-commerce partnership, Dash is running a flash campaign on Lazada.SG from 2 to 9 October 2015 that offers a mystery cashback of 15% to 50%.


During the campaign, there will be a daily Dash Happy Hour where customers have a window of up to two hours to pay on Lazada.SG using Dash as a payment mode. The exact cashback percentage will only be revealed at the end of each campaign day and will be credited to customers’ accounts within three working days.


Dash has the largest mobile payment merchant networks in Singapore with over 20,000 acceptance points, including Watsons, Food Republic, KOI, 7-Eleven and Topshop. Dash can also be used to pay for ComfortDelGro taxi rides without the usual administrative fees levied by other cashless payment methods.


The Dash app has been enhanced with new features including Samsung Fingerprint Scanner and Apple Touch ID authentication to provide an even more user-friendly payment experience.


The app is free to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.