New Casio PRO TREK Series is the Ultimate Outdoor Companion

PRO TREK PRW-6000 now optimised with hand-concealment and advanced sensor functions for utmost readability, operability and wearability


Singapore, 14 July 2014 – Casio Singapore is welcoming a brand new PRW-6000 series to its PRO TREK range of high-performance timepieces designed to be the ultimate outdoor adventure companion. The new series is armed with a first-of-its-kind hand concealment function for a clearer view of digital display and Casio’s latest Triple Sensor Ver.3 technology for optimal outdoor performance.


Equipped with Casio’s newest Triple Sensor Ver.3 technology, outdoor enthusiasts can use the PRW-6000 to determine compass bearing, barometric pressure/altitude and temperature to understand any terrain and weather elements with utmost precision. Proving to be the most functional and reliable outdoor accessory, the PRW-6000 also features an atmospheric pressure trend alarm which signals sudden dips or spikes in atmospheric pressure.


The PRO TREK PRW-6000 series comes in Black x Orange (PRW-6000Y-1) and Black x Green (PRW-6000-1A) with a carbon fibre band, and will be sold at a Suggested Retail Price of S$629.00. It will also be available in Black x Silver (PRW-6000-1) with a resin band at S$549, and a premium titanium band version (PRW-6000-YT), sold at S$999. Available starting from July 2014, the new PRO TREK PRW 6000 Series is found at all G-FACTORY and G-FACTORY Premium stores across Singapore.