Dell Launches New Lineup of Commercial Devices to Empower the Future Workforce

Designed with the future workforce in mind, Dell is launching a portfolio of commercial devices powered by the latest 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processors.

At the Dell Future Workplace event, held at Equarius Hotel in Resorts World Sentosa, commercial applications were brought to life in four experiential zones representing different working styles and technology requirements such as “Desk Centric Workers”, “On-the-Go Professionals” and “Specialized Workers”.


Featured industries include e-commerce, healthcare and media & entertainment. Here are some photos and video of the event:

Water-resistance of Dell Latitude 12 Rugged 

@dell #Latitude12 Rugged Extreme 7414 #laptop water test. #officeofthefuture #FutureWorkPlace

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Express your creativity with Dell Canvas

@dell Demonstration of #DELLCanvas #FutureWorkPlace #officeofthefuture

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Solutions for the Self-Employed – Dell OptiPlex

Pricing and availability
All products are designed for the businesses and may not be available to the end-consumers. Nonetheless, if you are interested to find out more,  you may speak to DELL or their authorized partners. Check up Dell website to enquire more about all these products.



Smartphone Market Maintains Growth in South East Asia in 16Q2; Samsung, OPPO, True and ASUS Dominate

According to the latest International Data Corporation (IDC) Asia/Pacific Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, total smartphone shipments in the South East Asia (SEA) region is approximately 28 million units in the second quarter of 2016 reflecting an 18.1% increase quarter-on quarter (QoQ) and continued positive growth year-on-year (YoY) of 6.5%. Countries in the SEA region tracked by IDC’s local and regional analysts are Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The report states that competitive price points and heavy marketing activities in a now crowded market are the key driving factors for the budget conscious SEA market.

In terms of market share, the overall smartphone market remains dominated by Samsung, followed by OPPO, True (an operator in Thailand), Asus and Lava.



  • Samsung retained its top position by relying on its price and spec competitive Galaxy J series which was highly suited for the budget conscious SEA market. Meanwhile, the flagship Galaxy S7 series saw better YoY performance in terms of unit shipments compared to the Galaxy S6 series launched back in 2015.
  • OPPO moved to second position for the first time. Despite Oppo’s continued marketing investments to build a solid brand equity for its F1 family, it was the Neo model that drove up its volume.
  • Asus’ position is supported by its highly affordable Zenfone Go model. Meanwhile, the growth of its flagship, the Zenfone 2 Laser, slowed down in preparation for the new Zenfone 3 targeted for launch in the third quarter.
  • Unit shipments for True and Lava were propelled by heavy operator activities to increase 3G subscribers nationwide in Thailand.



Meanwhile, 3G handsets still make up majority of the market share as they carry significantly lower price points as opposed to 4G ones, a pivotal factor particularly for SEA consumers. Furthermore, the slow uptake of 4G is largely attributed to the temporary rise of 3G devices in Thailand, where operators were in a rush to migrate subscribers from 2G to 3G, handing out large amounts of free or heavily discounted handsets.

Source: IDC

Top 5 questions on Cloud Services That Small-and-Medium Enterprise Owners Should Ask

We hear so much about Cloud Services and how such technology could help businesses in improving operations. It all sounds good but does it make sense for micro-business owners to invest in such technology?

In this post, The Neo Dimension asks Mr Peter Doherty, Principal Solutions Consultant, ServiceNow on cloud technology.


  1. As part of the Singapore’s agenda to build a “smart” nation, there are a lot of initiative/grants in Singapore to help SMEs(Small-and-Medium-Enterprises) to build up their technology infrastructure. A lot of SMEs in Singapore see the need to invest in technology but fail to see the “why” and “how” cloud services could help them. What’s your opinion on this and how does a cloud service provider help to fulfil the needs of these business owners?


According to Gartner, IT spending by SMEs is expected to grow an average of 3.8%, exceeding the 2.8% average growth for the overall IT market in the next five years. This is putting a lot of strain on those mid-market organisations to make wise choices on where to invest. Traditionally that investment would have gone on infrastructure, software and people to run it though you need to ask whether that is a wise investment.


Today the smart investment is paying for an outcome and consuming a service delivered through the cloud. So the why is quite simple, you do not need to tie your money up in expensive hardware, software and people! You shift your spending to pay for what you consume to support your business and free the rest up to drive innovation and capture market share.


Some of the other drivers are:

  • Experience increased flexibility and accessibility: Cloud technology equips your staff with the necessary resources to work from anywhere. Studies have proven that increased mobility increase employee satisfaction
  • Scale and streamline processes: Cloud technologies enable businesses to increase productivity and eliminate manual processes through automation.


The second question of the how is a little harder, especially with the choice of cloud services available. The thing is, do not hold out for perfection! When selecting a Cloud Service, you need to ensure that they will be able to support your business, and not just from a functionality perspective. The Service provider needs to have high availability and security as well ensuring the privacy of your data.


The real big benefit to the SME is allowing them to focus on more strategic activities such as driving growth and revenue opportunities for the business. We believe that companies that invest in the enterprise cloud can gain a competitive advantage, delivering benefits that go far beyond simple cost savings.



  1. How should SME owners, especially to those less tech-savvy ones, proceed in adopting cloud services to their business?


This is a delicate balancing act between front and back of house operations. Often times SME rely heavily on manual processes to run the business and this just will not scale. So firstly look at those business processes that will benefit from bringing discipline and automation to them. If your whole accounting and payments systems are run off spreadsheets, personal databases and email this is a clear area where consuming these as a Cloud Service makes a lot of sense. You would be amazed by how many processes are underpinned by email and spreadsheets, even in Fortune 500 companies. By automating these you will deliver efficiencies that can free people up to concentrate on revenue generating activities.


Do your research and pick something that best fits your organisation and where there needs to be change, make it to the organisation, not the Cloud Service. Stay as close to out of the box as possible.


Do not be single point sensitive – choose something that covers off a number of functions you need and not multiple point solutions as you will end up having to spend a lot of time integrating these systems.


Integrations then become very important as you move your back end financial systems to the Cloud and you need them to work with your customer facing web presence. This means that you will generally need to rely on external consultancies so choose one that has a broad range of consulting services, especially in Cloud solutions.


  1. What are the consideration factors when selecting a cloud service?

By now we have all heard the phrase, ‘data is the new currency’. This means that whatever data is being stored by businesses is often time sensitive, highly confidential and mission-critical. Therefore, when selecting a cloud service, it is imperative that IT decision-makers look for a cloud service that has achieved comprehensive industry security compliance such as the ISO27001 certification, or the Multi‑Tiered Cloud Security Singapore Standard, which is required for Singaporean government entities.

Also high up on the priority list, are concerns over availability and uptime. In other words, the cloud platform needs to be entirely operational – 24/7, at all times with zero room for extended maintenance time-outs or other points of failure.

At ServiceNow, we understand the needs of businesses and have developed our Enterprise Cloud solution so that it requires no downtime necessary for upgrades. This is done through with redundancy being built at every layer of our cloud. We also deliver an industry-leading minimal 6 hours of quarterly planned maintenance, a remarkable difference from other industry players out there.

Performance and scalability are also other important aspects that businesses need to consider. Business needs are not likely to stagnant for long and business owners will need a cloud service that will allow them to map their IT journey in tandem with the ebb and flow of the enterprise.


  1. Is it necessary to hire IT-qualified professionals to run the company’s cloud system?

The answer is dependent on the cloud system that your company is using. The beauty of working with a company like ServiceNow is that we will handle all the hosting, maintenance and other equipment-related issues. Cloud service management systems like our CRM or Service Management systems have been designed to be end user-oriented. In essence, business owners then only need to place all their focus on actually utilizing the benefits of the cloud, allowing them to improve productivity levels and achieve overall business objectives.


  1. After-sales service is important to SME owners especially to those who are less tech-savvy one. What should a business owner look for in the after-sales services?

After-sales service needs to be in sync with the customer and is an important component for both the customer and the service provider. Availability is extremely crucial because companies need to be assured that there is a dedicated team that is one call away from offering troubleshooting advice and addressing urgent issues. This needs to be for when your business needs the service and not the 98-5 working day of the provider.


Samsung Launches New Galaxy Tab S2 and Galaxy Tab A

Samsung today announced the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) and Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) in Singapore – the latest devices in Samsung’s tablet line.

Key Product Highlights:

Galaxy Tab S2 (2016)

Galaxy Tab S2 (Black)
Galaxy Tab S2 (Black)
  • Equipped with a stunning SUPER AMOLED display, the Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) delivers the most immersive and best-in-class viewing experience for users. With richer colours and deeper contrast, the tablet showcases more precise details, and is perfectly optimised for reading and viewing any type of digital content. Users can use the Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) and relax with their favourite activities – reading e-books, watching movies or playing games.


  • The slimmest and lightest tablet in Samsung’s tablet line, the Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) is the perfect personal companion for users to enjoy quality Me Time anytime, anywhere. Equipped with 4G+ LTE Category 6 capability, users can enjoy up to two times faster web browsing and content download speed on the tablet, on top of maximum portability.


  • The Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) is packed with powerful performance features, offering enhanced usability, whether for productivity or multitasking. With Quick Connect1, users can conveniently share content between the tablet and other devices. They can also control and share their screens between the Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) and their Galaxy mobile devices with Samsung SideSync 4.02, and perform functions such as making calls and sending text messages. Users can easily unlock their Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) with a single touch on the fingerprint scanner, and multitask on the tablet with its Multi Window


Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) 

Galaxy Tab A (white)
Galaxy Tab A (white)
  • Modern and sophisticated in style, the Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) comes equipped with a clear and crisp WUXGA display and Anti Glare feature, providing users with an enhanced viewing experience at any time. The tablet is also designed to give users a comfortable grip, where its soft and textured design fits perfectly in users’ hands.


  • The Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) is family-friendly, and is the ideal tablet that will enhance users’ family time. With Kids Mode 4.0, users can access a variety of safe and fun content such as games and apps for their children to enjoy. They can also capture their family’s precious moments with the tablet’s 8MP camera. The Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”)’s Multi-User Mode3 also allows users to easily set up and customise profiles for every member of the family.


  • With enhanced features such as SideSync 4.02 and Quick Connect1, the Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) allows users to enjoy Seamless Connectivity with a wide variety of devices, on top of powerful usability. The Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) is also equipped with long lasting battery to keep users powered with up to 13 hours4 of Internet usage on the tablet, be it surfing the net or watching movies on-the-go.


The Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) and the Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) will come with 4G+ and Wi-Fi® options. The Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) will be available in Black, White or Gold, and will come in 32GB5 with two screen size options – 8.0” and 9.7”. It will retail at the following recommended retail prices from 9 July 2016 (Saturday):


  • Galaxy Tab S2 (8.0”) 4G+: $598
  • Galaxy Tab S2 (8.0”) Wi-Fi®: $498
  • Galaxy Tab S2 (9.7”) 4G+: $698
  • Galaxy Tab S2 (9.7”) Wi-Fi®: $598


The Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) will be available in Black or White and in 16GB5. The Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) 4G is currently available at the recommended retail price of $498, while the Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) Wi-Fi® will be available from 9 July 2016 at the recommended retail price of $398.

See the specs below

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Event Coverage – Singapore is the First Country in Southeast Asia to Have Samsung Pay

Launch of Samsung Pay in Singapore
Launch of Samsung Pay in Singapore

Samsung Electronics Singapore today announced that it will be the first in Southeast Asia to make Samsung Pay available. From Jun 16, users in Singapore will be able to pay with their compatible Samsung smartphones at almost anywhere that debit cards or credit cards from the participating payment networks.

Who are the Payment Partner Involved?

Currently, Samsung Pay has partnered with major payment networks such as American Express, MasterCard and Visa, and major banks such as Citibank, DBS/POSB, OCBC Bank and Standard Chartered. According to Samsung, they will continue to expand their partner base.

Where can you use Samsung Pay?

At launch, Samsung Pay will be accepted at the vast majority of merchants, wherever MasterCard or Visa is accepted, and is not limited to merchants that have updated to contactless terminals. Singapore consumers will be able to use Samsung Pay at their favorite popular chains, as well as thousands of independent shops. From launch, customers will immediately be able to utilize Samsung Pay at most merchants within the following categories [full list of preferred merchants in Appendix B]

Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

Departmental Stores

Healthcare and Beauty Outlets

Food and Beverage Outlets

Fashion and Lifestyle Outlets

Electronics and Furnishing Stores

Travel and Entertainment

Compatible Samsung Smartphones

Samsung Pay will be available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 4G+, S6 edge+ 4G+, S7 4G+ and S7 edge 4G+ beginning on June 16 in Singapore.

Appendix B

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Singtel Easy Mobile promotion – Free additional data up to 4GB

Easy Mobile FREE Data promotion – up to 4GB additional data free!


Easy Mobile, Singapore’s first and only fully customisable mobile plan that allows you to tweak your data, talktime and SMS bundle is now even bigger in value! Get up to 4GB additional data FREE for 2 years!

This offer is only valid till 29 January 2016.

For example: Easy Mobile M plan ($45 per month) can give you up to 6.5GB data per month with the promotion. XL plan ($105 per month) can give you up to 16.5GB per month.

Monthly subscription $33 $45 $65 $105
Units 8 20 32 52
FREE data (GB) 1GB 2GB 3GB 4GB
Singtel WiFi NA 2GB. Unlimited data usage on Singtel WiFi until 29 February 2016


Simple steps to sign up:


1) Logon to  and choose from the 4 plans available.


2) One unit is equivalent to 25 mins outgoing local calls OR 250 SMS/MMS OR 0.25GB (256MB) local data


3) Select your favourite phone and more, checkout and you will be getting your additional FREE data for 2 years.

Check up the cheeky promo video

(Video) Sony Unveils its Latest Products at CES 2016

New Products Enrich Users’ Lives in Every Setting, from the Living Room to the Great Outdoors

(SINGAPORE, 6 January 2015) – Sony Corporation will unveil its new lineup of products slated for release in 2016, at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held from Wednesday, January 6 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At the Sony press conference held on Tuesday, January 5 (local time), Sony Corporation President and CEO Kazuo Hirai stated, “From the choices we’re making to be differentiated and unique, to the curiosity that drives our passion to face challenges, to our commitment as enablers of creativity, it is clear that the philosophical and strategic pillars are in place to continue to build a stronger, better, more profitable Sony. Providing kando continues to be the core focus and goal of our business.”

Sony Electronics (SEL) President and COO Michael Fasulo then took the stage to introduce some of Sony’s upcoming products to be released within the year, across a wide range of categories. Sony’s 4K BRAVIA™ TVs heavily emphasise picture quality and look, and they bring next-generation level visual experiences right into your living room. Sony’s ever expanding range of audio products offers you different ways to enjoy music to fit your unique tastes, from High-Resolution Audio (“Hi-Res”) to extra bass. Its line of digital imaging products enables you to capture easy-to-miss moments in the great outdoors and preserve memories of life’s most important events in stunning true-to-life detail. And finally, products in the Life Space UX series blend right into physical living spaces and redefine how entertainment is experienced. Sony will be bringing forth new products in each of these categories throughout the course of the year.

Below is Product Highlights and Press Release

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Product Category Model Product Highlights Availability
Home Entertainment SRS-ZR5 & SRS-ZR7 Portable Wireless Speakers Offering you more options for a dynamic sound listening experience, whenever and wherever you want, the SRS-ZR5 & SRS-ZR7 portable wireless speakers feature a built-in HDMI® (ARC) connection that connects the speaker to any television – allowing you to to enhance the sound quality of virtually any TV. Both speakers further support Google Cast™, Spotify Connect, and Multi-Room capability via Sony SongPal link. July 2016
BDP-S6700 The new BDP-S6700 Blu-ray player features technology that automatically upscales HD video content to near 4K quality for enhanced viewing enjoyment. Connect it to your other Sony products via SongPal and enjoy steaming music services, CDs, and other and other music sources for Wireless Multi-Room listening. May 2016
HT-NT5 & HT-CT790 Sound Bars Both the HT-NT5 & HT-CT790 2.1 channel sound bars support 4K and High Dynamic Range content from major studios via HDCP 2.2, Google Cast™ and Spotify Connect; and Multi-room capability via the SongPal app – delivering immersive surround sound experience like never before. May 2016
BRAVIA™ X93D, X85D One of the main takeaways from CES 2016 is Sony’s new 4K HDR TV lineup. The BRAVIA™ X93D features Sony’s new Slim Backlight Drive™ technology with a new grid-array backlighting structure. It’s slim design also allows it to sit close to the wall, leaving behind nothing but the picture itself.

Like the X93D, the BRAVIA™ X85D uses 4K X-Reality™ PRO to produce stunning detail for any content. It is also HDR compatible to receive and process the new video standard signal with higher brightness, higher contrast and more vibrant colors.

W75D, W65D, W60D The latest BRAVIA™ LCD television series, W75D, W65D, and W60D are designed with sleek lines and an elegant slim display to complement your home interior. They incorporate Clear Phase audio technology which analyses and compensates for inaccuracies in the built-in loud speaker’s response, resulting in pure, natural audio with smooth, even reproduction of all frequencies. TBC

Press Release: #CallofDuty Asia Championship Begins Today with Prize Pool of Over USD23,000

Top teams from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and South East Asia to represent their region at the 2016 Taipei Game Show

Singapore, 29th December, 2015 – Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia and ESL are proud to announce the Call of Duty Asia Championship! Call of Duty fans from all over the Asia-Pacific, brace yourselves for an explosive start to the New Year. During the first half of January, online competitions for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and South East Asia will take place and four teams from these regions will secure their spots in the Call of Duty Asia Championship Final, to be held in Taiwan, at the 2016 Taipei Game Show.

The Call of Duty Asia Championship will be featuring the latest Call of Duty game, “Call of Duty: Black Ops III”, and will be played on the PlayStation platform.

On January 9th and 10th 2016, online qualifiers will be held for players from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines). The top placers from each qualifier will earn the right to represent their region and compete with other regions at the main stage of PlayStation booth at 2016 Taipei Game Show on February 1st 2016.

Regional Prizes for Singapore

<Regional Champion Team>

Free air tickets and hotel accommodations for participating “Call of Duty Asia Championship Final” in Taiwan

<MVP Prize>

“Call of Duty®: Black Ops III” Limited Edition PlayStation®4 Bundle (1TB) & JUGGERNOG mini refrigerator

Total Prize Pool

<Total prize pool: USD 23,000>

(Regional Champions: USD2,000, Asia Final Champion: USD6,000)

The recruitment period starts today and ends on January 8th 2016.

Please go to
to find out the requirements and sign up for the competition!

*Please note that the information listed in this Press Release is subject to change without prior notice.

Other Information:


PlayStation®Authorised Dealers:

Customer Service Centre: rvice

Press Release – ESET introduces Banking and Payment Protection for Asia Pacific consumers

Singapore, December 2015 – ESET announced the release of its ESET Smart Security 9
and ESET NOD32 Antivirus 9.

ESET Smart Security 9 introduces Banking & Payment Protection
solution, designed to automatically detect when users are performing financial transactions, providing automatic protection, so users are safeguarded against malicious activity online. ESET NOD32 Antivirus 9
offers customers an enhanced browsing experience with its detection and protection capabilities provided by Antispyware, Anti-Phishing and Exploit Blocker.

Designed to enhance user experience, the new security solutions also boast a completely re-engineered user interface and tools to protect critical data while online. The V9 technology has been based on ESET’s award-winning security solution NOD32, which is known for its interactive detection engine that protects against malware that seek to evade detections, also blocking targeted attacks and exploits.

“Asia-Pacific has the largest number of internet users in the world”, says Parvinder Walia, Sales and Marketing Director for ESET, Asia Pacific. “Similarly, mobile and smartphone usage across the region continues to outpace the rest of the world, so it’s no surprise that the convenience of online and mobile banking continues to grow in popularity. The new Banking and Payment Protection feature in ESET Smart

Security 9 will ensure our customers can enjoy seamless, secure banking and financial services on-the-go.”

ESET Smart Security 9 multi-layered security also includes proven technologies such as Botnet Protection, Exploit Blocker and Vulnerability Shield. Botnet Protection protects the user’s computer from being taken over by a remote attacker and used as part of a network of infected computers for malicious purposes. Exploit Blocker is designed to fortify applications on the user’s system that are often exploited, such as web browsers, PDF readers, email clients or MS Office components, while Vulnerability Shield improves detection of known vulnerabilities on the network level.

Based on usability testing and customer research, ESET has also redesigned the graphical user interface to better fit the needs of its customers, including giving them the option of automatically updating to the latest protection features as soon as they become available.

#LogitechCREATE for the #iPadPro

SINGAPORE — November 2015 — Logitech unveiled its first accessories designed in collaboration with Apple to perfectly complement the aesthetics and features of the new iPad Pro​™​: the Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case with Smart Connector and the Logitech CREATE Protective Case with Any­angle Stand. The Logitech CREATE Keyboard Case is the first third­party keyboard on the market to leverage Apple’s new Smart Connector​, eliminating the need to power on, connect or charge the keyboard.


Both Logitech CREATE products offer thin and light front and back protection, and the tightly­woven premium fabric resists accidental bumps, scratches and spills.

Highlights of the cases include:

The Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case with Smart Connector

The Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case is designed to work exclusively with Apple’s new

Smart Connector for seamless communication between the iPad Pro and the keyboard. Through leveraging the Smart Connector, the Logitech CREATE keyboard automatically powers on and securely connects with the iPad Pro when placed in the typing position – no Bluetooth® pairing needed. And because the keyboard is powered by the iPad Pro, you never have to think about charging your keyboard again.

The Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case is built for productivity. The keyboard features full­size 19 mm keys, adjustable backlighting and an intuitive layout, helping you take full advantage of the iPad Pro’s expansive workspace and new iOS® 9 features. The iOS shortcut keys also put the power of your favorite apps at your fingertips – you can activate search and media controls without ever leaving the keyboard. The case provides two viewing angles, so you can make the most of the iPad Pro’s big, beautiful screen whether you’re posting an update, watching videos, or using the Apple Pencil to take notes.

The Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case will be available for a suggested retail price of S$249.00.

The Logi CREATE Protective Case with Any­angle Stand

The Logi CREATE Protective Case with Any­angle Stand adjusts to whatever adventure comes your way. The case’s flexible stand has a hidden hinge that firmly holds your iPad Pro in the perfect viewing angle within a 60­degree range. Place the iPad Pro upright in the stand for watching video in comfort or nearly flat for sketching with the Apple Pencil – there’s an angle for nearly every activity or work setup. The Logi CREATE protects the front and back of your iPad Pro without adding unnecessary bulk or weight.

The Logitech CREATE Protective Case with Any­angle Stand will be available for a suggested retail price of S$129.00.


Both Logitech CREATE products will be available in black, blue and red. The black Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case will be available from end­November at all authorized Logitech stores, while the Apple Online Store will have all three colours.

The Logitech CREATE Protective Case with Any­angle Stand will only be available on the Apple Online Store.

See below for the factsheet

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