Local Artists Performed in Youreka Party


IMG_9829 I was invited for the Youreka finale at Singapore Flyer Deck.

This is going to be the final showdown for the active Youreka participants. Besides the winning of the 1.3 Honda Jazz, there were tonnes of events lining up in this finale.


I am impressed by the performance put up by the organizer especially for the fact that they have hired local artists. Getting DJ Koflow to kick off the party has certainly heat up the atmosphere. 98.7 FM Radio Dee Jay Mr Young and Danial Ong have completed control of the event and of course, their crappy but entertaining sense of humour played an important role in spicing up the event.

Local artists like Electrico and Firefight have performed a couple of songs during the party. I seldom watch local performance and I was very impressed by their performance and started to convince what DK has said, “Singapore does have talents!” but Singaporean just couldn’t be good audience. I think it is just a typical Singaporean’s behaviour and this has made the event less “noisy” despite the fact, it was very well-executed.



Mr Young, Danial Ong and the 2 final contestants



Youreka’s Treasure Hunt accompanied by Electrico’s hardcore performance



   Firefight’s affectionate performance



DJ Koflow’s performance



Honda Jazz Winner


More photo here


About DJ Koflow

Wayne Liu aka DJ KoFlow, having started DJing and competing in 2001, by 2002, he was placed 1st Runner Up at the Singapore DMC Technics World DJ Championships 2002. The following year, he went on to win the coveted title of Singapore DMC Champion 2003, where he proceeded to battle at the infamous Brixton Academy, London, alongside over 40 of the World Champions.

Website: http://www.myspace.com/djkoflow


About Electrico

Electrico is a pop rock and indie Singaporean band originally formed in Singapore in 1996, which went by the name Electric Company in 1996. Electrico became the first Singapore band to receive a nomination at the 2005 MTV Asia Awards and a second in 2008 which culminated in awards for the Top Local Pop Song (for Runaway) at the 13th annual COMPASS (Composers & Authors Society Of Singapore) awards.

Website: http://electricomusic.com/


About Fire Fight

The Fire Fight blazed onto the local music scene three years ago by earning a coveted performance slot at Baybeats 2007. Since then. they have opened for American indie-rock darlings Anberlin & Copeland, Grammy-nominated alternative rock band Switchfoot and most recently became ambassadors for Youth.SG’s national “Feed Me” campaign.

Website: http://www.thefirefight.com/