Tea Appreciation with Twinings @Cathay

Derrick See from Seed Image (Instagram @seedimage) invited me to a tea appreciation session with Twinings and Cathay. The session is held in conjunction with the movie screening of 007 Spectre at Cathay Platinum Suite.

Source: Instagram user @weewu

During the session. the host shared with us various way of preparing the tea and how to better appreciate tea with Twinings’ latest product offering – Large Leaf Discovery Collection.

London Strand Earl Grey

A sunny twist on our original Earl Grey. Black China tea scented with a blend of traditional bergamot with a twist of other citrus notes and real lemon peels.

If, when an afternoon drags its heels, you look for a lovely lift, you’re in grand company: the 2nd Earl Grey could take a short stroll along the Thames from Parliament to Twinings on the Strand to collect his uplifting tea our Masterblenders made especially for him.

In this blend we’ve added a sunny twist of citrus flavours and lemon peel to the deep, black China tea and bergamot flavour blend, creating a bright tea that whispers your day back to life.

Brew for 2 or 3 minutes in just-boiled water. With or without milk, it’s up to you.

Golden Tipped English Breakfast

Golden tipped Assam, for a strong and bold depth of flavour and a rounded body. Our Masterblenders sought to create the perfect English Breakfast tea – a blend that is strong and bold yet with a refined, rounded body. A tea that sets you up for the day.

They looked high and low (and far and wide), finally finding it in the golden buds of the valleys of Assam, North East India. The result is rich and malty, with a bold depth of flavour that you won’t find in your average bag.

Brew in boiling water for 4-5 minutes, or less depending on how you like it. With milk is the English way.

Two-Seasons Darjeeling

Crisp, balanced and floral – a delightful blend of first and second flush Darjeeling harvests.

When springtime reaches the Himalayan foothills in West Bengal, the first tea plants are ready for picking. These early buds have an intensely dry, fresh flavour. Two months later the second flush of growth creates the rounded, more floral notes of summer.

Our Masterblenders have expertly blended the two harvests to create a light, perfectly balanced afternoon tea.

Brew in just-boiled water for 3 or 4 minutes. With milk or black – it’s up to you.

English Rose Garden

Deep yet delicate China tea with rose petals for a charming floral note.

The late summer sun warms the walled garden of an English country house. The air hangs heavy with the scent of a thousand roses – a moment to savour.

Our Masterblenders thought so, and created a rose-flavour black tea, with a scattering of beautiful rose petals. However hectic your day is proving to be, it will bring a delicious summery pause to your afternoon.

Brew for 2 or 3 minutes in freshly boiled water and enjoy without milk

Medley of Mint

The perfect blend of natural spearmint and peppermint for a refreshing, uplifting taste.

When refreshment is the order of the day, a minty infusion is the drink of choice. With both Spearmint and Peppermint, our Masterblenders choose the very best mint leaves, from select summer harvests, each time picking just before the mint flowers bloom for maximum taste. The result is a delicious medley of refreshing and uplifting flavours, perfect at any time, day or night.

Brew for 3 or 4 minutes in just-boiled water and enjoy.

Golden Caramel Rooibos

Caffeine-free, rich Rooibos with a hint of sweet caramel flavour.

Rooibos from the Cederberg and Olifantsrivier mountains of South Africa’s Western Cape is delicious in its own right. But our Masterblenders sought a way of enhancing the sun-dried needle’s naturally rich depth of flavour. And they found a delicious one: a hint of caramel flavour. So now we have an indulgent, caffeine-free tea with just the right level of sweetness.

Brew in fresh, boiling water for 3 – 4 minutes. Enjoy with or without milk.

Twinings Discovery Collection is now available at selected establishment such as Marina Mandarin Lobby Lounge, Portico Café & Restaurant, Watanabe Coffee, Cathay Platinum Movie Suites, Note Di Sicilia, Redbank, My Little Spanish and I-darts.


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