Tele Atlas Maps and Location Content Power Sygic AURA’s 3D Navigation Experience in Malaysia and Singapore

Sygic’s new 3D product delivers a futuristic, content-rich navigation experience for pedestrians and drivers today

Singapore, May 12, 2010 — Tele Atlas, the world leader in high quality digital maps and dynamic content, and Sygic, a navigation software company, have announced that Tele Atlas maps and content are the foundation of the recently launched 3D navigation product Sygic AURA, which is now available in Malaysia and Singapore.

Sygic AURA combines professional car navigation with a pedestrian-centric application so that both drivers and pedestrians have access to information about the world around them, including 3D visuals. The product is designed for users of high end smartphones and will be available for mobile users around the world.

Sygic AURA provides end users with full 3D content displays including elevation, buildings and landscapes. The application leverages Tele Atlas maps and content including 2D City Maps, 3D Landmarks and Digital Elevation Models, which raise the clarity and reality of screen images and allow end users to see exactly where they are and easily find what they want. Additionally, Sygic AURA includes millions of points of interest (POIs) and pre-installed wiki information, including city guides, hotel information, images and more to enrich the end user’s turn-by-turn navigation experience and comfort during travelling. Sygic AURA also delivers a combination of social networking and community related features, including connected capabilities for real-time information to see a friend’s location or status and to look up weather information.

Demonstration of Sygic AURA on iPhone

More information including pricing and availability of Sygic’s AURA is available at (

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