The Only Goat Farm in Singapore


The whole world knows the success of Singapore but little do they know that we have farms in such a small Lion City.


As part of my weekend activities, I spent one of my Sunday morning at Hay Dairies, the only goat farm in Singapore. It is located at very ulu place (a Malay word that used to describe remote place). It was not a very easy place to find if you intend to drive (for convenience, you can consider an express bus service from Kranji MRT station). Although it took us some time to drive to the place (we needed a map to navigate!), I take this opportunity to enjoy the nature scenery. It was enjoyment to look at the beautiful tropical trees and plantations.    


We reached there slightly later but still managed to see the milking in time. 



What a pity?! It would be great to see the uncle use his hands to do the milking.


Then the milk is channeled to this machine.













We enjoyed feeding the goats.



 This is what they had

 It didn’t have a strong taste like lamb perhaps it’s because I am not that particular. For those who think they can’t stand the smell, chocolate flavour might be a better choice for you. If you want to compare the nutrient level between goat milk and cow milk, you can visit this site. By the way, you can’t buy goat milk over the shelves. You have to buy directly from Hay Dairies.   


For more information of the goat farm tour, the contact details are as followed:

 No.3 Lim Chu Kang Agrotech Park Lane 4

Singapore 718859

Tel: (65) 6792 0931

Fax: (65) 6794 1580


Office Hours: 9am to 4pm (everyday)



19 Replies to “The Only Goat Farm in Singapore”

  1. Took my Nursery class last year to Hay Dairies for a field trip. The kids definitely enjoyed feeding the goats. 🙂 Should see about taking the next class of kids there next year.

  2. Krisandro: Not many people like the milk, I bought some for my family. My mum doesn’t like it.

    Jacelyn: The goats are gentle. (I am not sure what will happen when they still have their horns) I enjoyed the feeding time with them.

    Ee: Thanks for dropping by! It is good to bring kids to these farms. Our kids have played too much computers. They should have a feel on farm life.

  3. The place is good.It has a place for feeding goats.But when I want to take their pic,very difficult.



  5. Where could I buy goat milk drink from, please indicate retail shop’s contact and address.Thanks

  6. I am so pleased to see that Goats milk is available in Singapore, I am thinking of relocating to Singapore with my Family from the UK. We changed my son from Cows milk to goats milk having knonwledge it is better than Dairy Cows milk when having eczema, this has greatly reduced his eczema and he will not have it any other way now anyway, I actually have really enjoyed Goats milk too on my cerials in the morning. If and when we are in Singapore we shall be putting in a regular order of fresh treated goats milk to our home if it is that straight forward? How much would it cost for regular order of say two bottles a day?

  7. Took my family there last week. Bought the small bottles of chocolate flavored goats’ milk to drink. Quite nice. Cost S$2.50 ea
    Packed 2 large bottles back. Cost S$7.00 ea
    Enjoyed the trip.

  8. Do u know:Goats’ milk can be a healthier alternative to cows’ milk.It is more like a human mother’s milk and is far eaiser for people to digest.It can even be given to babies whose mothers are unable to produce enough milk or are unable to nurse for medical reasons.
    Please do not mix cows’milk and goats’ milk together.

  9. I am happy to see there is a Goat farm in singapore , and Goat milk is easy to digest then any other milk.

  10. Bought 2 big bottle and 1 small bottle of chocolate. Close at 4pm. The milk feels special. Chocolate has a scent of kambing soup. And surprisingly chocolate is not sweet at all. Unlike the common on the shelves cows milk that is sweet. Heard about raves on goat milk so it’s worth the trouble I think.

  11. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Im Nhu, now im linving in Vietnam.
    You know, at Vietnam the cusumers use cow’s milk have high maket share, so i want develop goat’s milk in vietnam.
    I would like to operate with you about import and develop goat’milk in Viet Nam.If you okey, we will discuss more detail
    I hope to receive your email as soon as possible

    Thanks and Regards
    thuy nhu huynh

  12. My company is organizing a family tour and I would like to know more about visit and cost.

  13. Dear sir,
    I am an estate officer in Ghana and have an interest in Goat rearing .
    It is possible that I come to your farms and gain experience for
    about three months.
    Hope to hearing from you

    Macdonald C. Tampore

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