Toyota InTouch Telematics System

Borneo Motors Singapore today launched the next phase in innovation and interactive communications integration with the new InTouch Telematics system, a 7-inch MID (Multi Information Display) touch screen system.


The InTouch system sets a new benchmark in the kind of technological advancements made available to mainstream vehicle owners, and will be introduced across Toyota’s wide range of cars, from the affordable Toyota Vios to the luxurious Toyota Alphard.


Based on the Android system, InTouch Telematics system is customisable for drivers who are looking to personalise their home screen. You can now choose to add your favourite wallpaper or place frequently used Apps and widgets directly on the home panel. This way, you determine what is most important to you and can access it swiftly while on the go.


The other key features of the InTouch Telematics system include:

  • Entertainment: InTouch has a multitude of audio and visual entertainment apps easily accessible such as Internet Radio, Car Media Player, Mixtrax, Cloudmusic for enjoyable during travels.
  • Navigation: InTouch comes with 3D Mapping, Voice Guide, Real-time traffic information, Google Maps (through Miracast), and more for navigation.
  • Connectivity: Aside from a host of connection-savvy ports for your mobile devices (Android/iPhone, USB, HDMI, Bluetooth, WiFi), you could also use the InTouch system to navigate your own mobile device using apps such as Miracast and screen mirroring. There is also built-in internet browser for on-the-go information at your fingertips, or get updates from your Instagram, Twitter.

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