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I have shown my TrackR Bravo to my circle of friends and most of them have indicated interest of getting one. It was surprising to me that many have not heard of TrackR and their range of products. A quick overview of the company. The company was founded by Chris Herbert and Christian Smith, two UC Santa Barbara graduates who met during their college years.

TrackR bravo. Source: Instagram user @weewu

The idea for TrackR began when Chris almost lost his car to the Pacific Ocean because he couldn’t find his keys. Since then, the incident set them thinking for a solution to find lost items. After brainstorming a solution, Chris and Christian entered into the UC Santa Barbara business plan competition and won.

They began working on TrackR the same day they graduated in 2009 and were joined by Jacques Habra of Noospheric as Lead Investor and Advisor to launch the world’s first next generation tracking device, Phone Halo, at DemoGod 2010.

Since that time, several revisions of Phone Halo have been released including Cobra Tag, inSite, TrackR wallet and TrackR sticker. Each better than the last. Over a quarter of a million devices later, the team is proud to announce TrackR Bravo and represents the original vision for the company of taking the database of items in your head and moving that to your phone.

TrackR Bravo

The coin-sized TrackR Bravo can be attached to anything you hold dear, be it your smartphone or those pesky little keys. By using the TrackR App, you can now “ring” not only your smartphones (even on silent mode), but your keys as well by simply tapping on a button.

If you are worried you might leave your keys at home, or your valuables at work, the TrackR Bravo can help give you a little buzz so you will be notified when you leave things behind.

Armed with a GPS locator, you can track your item’s last location on the map by activating the Crowd GPS function.

TrackR app shows the location and the level of "closeness" between your phone and TrackR Bravo
TrackR app shows the location and the level of “closeness” between your phone and TrackR Bravo

Watch the TrackR Bravo Intro by the company founders

The Features:

  • Distance Indicator
    • Using the TrackR app reveals the distance between yourself and your “lost” item
  • Item Ringer
    • Ring the item attached to your TrackR Bravo using the app on your smartphone
  • Phone Finder
    • Press your TrackR device to ring your phone instantaneously even if it is on silent mode
  • Crowd GPS
    • You can locate your item on the map and if another TrackR user approaches your device, you will get notified as well
  • Separation Alert
    • 2-Way separation systems help notify you when you leave items behind
  • Wallet Thin Design
    • Crafted using anodized aluminium, the TrackR Bravo uses the thinnest and most durable material to build this ingenious tracker

In Singapore, the device is exclusively distributed by Axtro Smart. The usual price is SGD 49/- but they are currently selling it at special price SGD39/- (excluding shipping and tax). If you wish to find out more about the product, feel free to speak to Zayne ( ) or Jeremy ( Alternatively, you could get it at Lazada

If you are residing outside Singapore, why not visit my referral link to find out more? Free shipping in US. If you have already decided to own one, you may wish to consider their Father’s Day Promotion where you could Buy-2-Get-2-Free.

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