Transport made easier with MyTransport.SG Portal & Mobile

Launched on 28 November 2011, the MyTransport.SG portal ( will serve as a “one-stop” website for all existing and new land transport electronic and mobile services.

Designed with commuters, motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and commuters with special needs in mind, this free-of-charge master directory is for those looking for transport-related information.

The two separate platforms, MyTransport.SG portal and MyTransport.SG mobile version aims to complement each other for those traveling on the roads.

MyTransport.SG portal

Available on MyTransport.SG, several notable services offered on the portal include MyConcierge, Data Mall and Apps Zone.


A personalised service that allows for retrieval of travel information without having to search the various web pages means you can now retrieve information immediately:

i. Available Bus Arrival Time: Displays of up to 3 bus arrival timings of your preferred bus services.

ii. Traffic Cameras: Configuration of up to 5 preferred traffic camera locations, providing latest traffic conditions along expressways and key locations for planning travel journeys.

iii. Traffic News: Personalised search of traffic news for preferred roads or landmarks

iv. Road Tax Enquiry: Configuration of reminders of road tax payment due for up to 3 vehicle numbers.

v. Parking Guide: Using Real-time Parking Availability Guide, check up to 5 preferred car park locations for parking spaces.

vi. LTA Fines & Fee: Personalised setting of alerts for up to 3 vehicle numbers for payment of outstanding fines.

vii. ERP Rates & Gantries: Configuration of up to 5 preferred ERP gantry locations for route planning.

Data Mall

Third-party developers can now look forward to creating new and innovative apps to enhance daily travels by tapping on Singapore transport and traffic data obtainable in the portal’s ‘Data’ Mall’ section.

Accessible data for download includes public transport related, traffic related and Singapore facts and figures. Access to the rich repository of land transport information at the ‘Data Mall’ is easy and free-of-charge.

Apps Zone

Under the ‘Apps Zone’ section at the MyTransport.SG portal and categorised by ‘new applications’, ‘top 10 applications’ and ‘all applications’, a total of 23 mobile apps can now be downloaded; providing for easy access to locate land transport related applications in Singapore.


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