Twitter Helped Me Win a Creative EP-630 Earphone


Twitter, an online service that has revolutionized the way people communicate over the web, has received lots of attention from all parts of the world. You got to know the latest H1N1 figures at Twitter before the main stream media reports. It is kind of amazing to realise that a micro-blogging website that allows only 140 characters can have so much impact on how people receive information.


With more than 20 million of visitors, many companies from all parts of the world are using Twitter to engage potential customers. Creative Technology has recently opened a Twitter account ( and has ended a Creative Twitter TwitPic campaign where users can contest for some of the latest Creative products.


I took part in their Twitter contest and I was lucky enough to win a pair of Creative EP-630 in-ear earphones. And it is white colour! A perfect match to my iPod!


Noise isolation is not a new idea but EP-630 is by far the best in-ear earphones that can “cancel” the surrounding sounds without you turning up the music volume.

5 Replies to “Twitter Helped Me Win a Creative EP-630 Earphone”

  1. Jerry, thanks for dropping by! Hope you like the product.

    As a friendly gesture, I have sent a “Thank-you” email to Creative Technology and I have also expressed my views of this product.

    They have been responsive to my queries and I would say that this product will serve as a very good substitute for your big and bulky headphone.

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