US$10,000 could be yours


The LG Global Chocolate Hunt will end in five days – LG is looking for five of its Chocolate phones (which were globally sold out last year) with specific serial numbers. Each of the five phones is of significance for LG. However, the exact reasons why can only be revealed about one week after the close of the hunt on 8 October.

If you (or anyone you know) possess one of these five LG Chocolate phones, email by September 30th 2009. After a verification process, LG will give you US$10,000 plus a LG BL40 Chocolate phone.

Detailed terms and conditions and the serial numbers themselves are on the image below.



2 Replies to “US$10,000 could be yours”

  1. If they put out an advertisement, it must not be a regular Chocolate phone. Why, a few years ago they had limited sales of the Chocolate phone gold line. Since it was a special edition, it must be scarce even to LG. If the phone they find is the gold line, then the probability that the winner will be from China is high because they love the color gold.

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