VIDEO: TECH 65 Unboxed My INQ Mini 3G


Follow-up from my yesterday blog post: Singapore is the first to have social networking mobile phone in Asia, I have let Tech65 to do the unboxing of INQ Mini 3G (as they are more professional than me in doing unboxing).

Watch the video below. 

As you can see it from the video, the device is pretty small and it fits nicely with your hand. It weighs 90g which is pretty light for a device that connects you to the internet whenever you go.

Battery life has been pretty good. I have been facebooking with the device since early in the morning and the battery is still at the healthy level when I am back home at night. I foresee that it can last me for the entire day tomorrow.

Although it is not laggy when you switched across different application, it does take a while to refresh the facebook contents probably it is due to the slower GPRS/HSDPA network.

The uploading of photo over the internet is fast. Although the 2.0 megapixel fixed focus camera produces a lower-than-market standard picture quality, I can upload a pic to facebook account in about 5 seconds. I can share a decent photo in a shortest period of time.

Critique: We still don’t know the price of this phone in Singapore yet but based on the estimation of £59.99, I will say it is a good substitute against smart phones in the market. Given its portability, it delivers good user experience for mobile phone users to engage in social network (in the mobile way). 


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