#WeChat celebrates #SG50 with locally-designed #AngKuKuehGirl stickers




Singapore, 28 July 2015 – To celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday, WeChat is hosting locally-designed Ang Ku Kueh Girl on a dynamic new playground – WeChat’s sticker gallery. Drawing inspiration from local snacks and everyday life in Singapore, the Ang Ku Kueh Girl WeChat emoticon sticker pack is designed by acclaimed Singapore designer, Wang Shijia and her team.


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Ang Ku Kueh Girl®

She’s spunky, lively and loves to play games, be it board games or traditional games with a lot of running involved (“chasing” and “hide-and-seek”). However, she is quite kiasu and likes to win.


Ang Ku Kueh Girl® also has a quiet side to her as she enjoys doing handicraft; her plush tortoise is handmade using vintage fabric from her mother. But, she ran out of green fabric and thus the tortoise tail was created in a different floral fabric from the body.


She enjoys wearing slippers like most Singaporeans too! Her green dress is reminiscent of the banana leaf that an ang ku kueh is placed on.


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