What We See May Not Be Real, What is Real We May Not See

Singapore, 13 August 2014 – Mysteries of the paranormal from this year’s Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival will linger on as The Paranormal Zone comes to Syfy – the destination for imagination-based entertainment – on 29 September.


Hosted by Phng Li Kim, the reality-based documentary series brings a whole new insight to the unexplained phenomena lurking within Asia. The Paranormal Zone seeks to find what is real and unreal beyond the usual spirits and haunted places such as, trances and curses; tarot card readers and spiritual healers; local myths and practiced rituals, all of which, bear the East’s eccentricities and influences.


In the series, the Malaysian-born host and her team go to extremes to uncover the paranormal, as seen carrying out taboo experiments such as sitting in a cemetery at night and stroking the bloody remains of a cursed foetus.


The Paranormal Zone provides audiences with both mythical and scientific perspectives as the crew travel to sites such as hotels, temples, dingy back lanes in Asia; and talk to people from all varying backgrounds – from celebrities, researchers, enthusiasts, believers, to skeptics – on their classified, strange and mystifying encounters.

Li Kim’s sincerity, honesty and effervescence; coupled with her natural gift in coaxing interviewees to share about their dark encounters, give the show a refreshing perspective on the paranormal.


“Asia’s diversity of cultures and beliefs has bred a trove of mysteries and myths, of which, many are still awaiting to be uncovered and explained. Shooting the series, I get to venture deeper into a realm that most humans are curious of but do not dare seek,” said Li Kim.

Following the success of The Paranormal Zone in Malaysia, produced by local production house Kechara Media & Publications Sdn. Bhd., its third season will be Syfy’s first local co-production, which will begin filming in early 2015.


“Syfy is all about science fiction, supernatural entertainment – it appeals to audiences here because there is no other channel focused on this fan base”, said Christine Fellowes, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, NBCUniversal Channels. “The Paranormal Zone is a perfect fit for our channel’s audience and we are committed to further expand this genre with local stories.”


The Paranormal Zone Season One premieres on Syfy (Starhub Cable TV Channel 526) at 10.25pm on Mondays. Seasons Two and Three will air on Syfy, sequentially.


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